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John Cleese Attacks Sean Hannity

Ode to Sean Hannity  by John Cleese Aping urbanity Oozing with vanity Plump as a manatee Faking humanity Journalistic calamity Intellectual inanity Fox Noise insanity You’re a profanity Hannity Not very nice, but that is the disparaging critical British humour … Continue reading

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SOLD: Christchurch Mummified Cat

As mentioned previously (Meanwhile over at Trademe (#5) Mummified Cat) the rather dessicated Christchurch Mummified Cat (found under an earthquake house) sold on TradeMe over the weekend for $10.  I would have bid, but I’m a dog guy (ala “7Best” this week. Bulldogs specifically, but … Continue reading

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Signs of Our Times (2014 Election by Hoarding. 5/30).

There is an art form to witty and poignant defacing of public electioneering signs (hoardings).  It’s part of the dance twirled by the public and their hopeful political candidates. 2014 was hall-marked by wanton destruction and idiotic factional trashing of … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday: Methodical Method of Methodism

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Grandmas Gramma

“A interesting J-Diddly-Dawg graf it is.”

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Appreciating Difference

We all have different perspectives, and it’s good to try to see and understand the ‘other side,’ while holding to your own values and what we believe is objectively true, as a framework. Otherwise we are everything and nothing. The … Continue reading

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Stark Realities of Liberal Lunacy

The mindlessness of liberal morality.

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Paul McCartney’s Thanksgiving

Celebrity adoptee for animal rights group Peta Paul McCartney is decrying Turkey for Thanksgiving. What’s a Brit doing telling Americans’ what to eat on their national holiday anyway? Busy-body. And here are some relevant McCartney song titles… Let It Be … Continue reading

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Zombieland Twinkies & Spiderman

You’re enduring Marmite-a-geddon in New Zealand, but now Twinkies, a favourite American cream-filled sponge confectionary akin to New Zealand’s iconographic mallow-puffs, is in crisis. It is a key advertiser and beloved by Spiderman as well as being a key character in … Continue reading

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Elmo Is Gay & Might Be Arrested

Fb rumours are saying the voice of Elmo has announced he is ‘gay.’  Elmo is red, so John Key already knew that. I actually find Elmo very ‘gay.’ Voice-of-Elmo’s gay partner has said he began a relationship with ‘Elmo’ before … Continue reading

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