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A blog about politics, life, culture, literature, music and thought from Christchurch, New Zealand [NZ] (the home of 10,000 earthquakes since 4 Sept. 2010) built because of the bullying and cajoling of Liberal opinion-makers (journalism and Hollywood) against conservative-minded people who are as entitled to opinion and a perspective as anyone; and because Conservativism has served the world well. John Stringer is a New Zealander (Christchurch) in his 40s married to an American from Taco Bell; they have 5 adult children in 3 diff. countries. John is an ex-Anglican pastor, a teacher, published author (NZ), novelist (USA) and cartoonist (Aust, NZ), and has spent the last 25 years in NZ politics with the National party (he was a parliamentary candidate in 1999). There was a stint in London working for the British Conservative party as well, where he did media minding and campaign work with several Brit cabinet ministers, including Baroness Thatcher, Baroness Blatch, Michael Howard, Tom King, among others. He has an MA (classical studies, Victoria); is a graduate of the New York Film Academy; and has various awards for writing. His passions include British bulldogs, fly fishing, and history (Ancient and WWII). Winston Churchill was mainly a “Conservative” but also a “Liberal” MP between 1900-1964. A Member of Parliament for 64 years, he contested 21 parliamentary elections (for Oldham, Manchester North West, Dundee, and Epping/Woodford). Throughout his career Churchill stood for liberty. He believed in open debate and freedom of speech, and opposed any system or ideology that tried to dictate the way one should think. Churchill felt deeply that disagreements within the democratic system should not degenerate into personal animosities. RIDER: This site is not connected to nzconservative, a Catholic site, or NZ Conservative Party, although from time-to-time I share some of the views espoused by both groups and other sites I follow, as published; I am an independent thinker and blogger.

7Best (Unusual Beaches. 3/7)

Originally posted on coNZervative:
The lights on this beach in the Maldives are caused by microscopic bioluminescent phytoplankton, which give off light when they are agitated by the surf.  

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7Best (Unusual Beaches. 2/7)

Originally posted on coNZervative:
A circular hidden hidden beach in Marieta, Mexico.

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Maurice Has Another “Mass Debate”

Oh dear, Mr Rainbow-over-Pakuranga is at it again, with his reoccurring Foot-in-Mouth malady.  More misogynist sexism apparently which caused conference attendees to walk out of his MC session.  Is Maurice impersonating Ronald McDonald? Aimee Gulliver reports:–john-key

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Meanwhile over at North & South magazine…

An employee relished finding and showing me this in the latest North & South magazine (August 2015, p. 93-94)… “Stringer with his facial hair sculpted in the style of a television hypnotist or 1970s-era All Black..” Hahah, fair cop.  Oh no, so … Continue reading

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67. Colin Craig’s Panties in a Knot Filed. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (03 Sept 2015)

Life is rather busy at the moment with all these Colin distractions around my normally busy life, “there’s only one of me, it’s true…If instead one man, I was two…” It is more than 5 weeks on and Colin Craig has still … Continue reading

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Advice for Today

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Top This. Everest Movie

I love anything Everest, Arctic, Antarctic survival, explorer, die-hard and have read the whole Mallory & Irvine cycle, Into The Void, Rob Hall etc.  This looks just brilliant and a must see for me, especially as its all a true story … Continue reading

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Symptomatic of Our Times? Update: Hoax

Update: Well, I said below it was a bit odd  Total hoax.  “The video was produced by a social media company for a local holiday homes company. They revealed the stunt in a new video named “I FOUND HIM”. In it, … Continue reading

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Hook Into This. Looks Faerie Good

Can you guess who Hollywood shipped in as the Pirate Captain?

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The Democracy Machine

THIS IS AMAZING.  The NEW “Democracy Machine” that accurately predicts –every time–what the people of NZ want and what the Labour Party policy ends up being.

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