Ian Wishart & One World Govt.?


Ian Wishart’s latest book is about centralised power. He writes, “Heads up folks. Global government is coming and I promise you, you are not going to like it, even if you currently think you might. As Fox News recently reported based on some leaked UN documents, “It’s an agenda that its prominent boosters have declared will make the next 15 years “some of the most transformative in human history,” although the exact nature of the goals themselves, and how they are to be achieved, is unclear.”

Ian even has a video promoting his book (using typical hyperbole):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57XDx3vIX1g. I like Ian, he is an intelligent man, but I do not agree with him on this.  Happy to promote his book, so people read it and decide for themselves (qualifier: I haven’t read it yet).

One World Govt. is a favourite bogeyman. Is it a future reality? Ian’s Totaliatria explores this.  The central premise derives from the biblical apocalyptic allusions to future world government. But the Bible does not actually say there will be a future One World Government, that is an interpretive assumption. I would go further, to suggest it is a misunderstanding of what the Bible is on about.

I do not agree that, theologically, we are facing ONE WORLD GOVT. as usually understood, especially in Evangelical America. In the seventies, this was anticipated as the EEC (until it surpassed ten nations – the ten heads of the Beast) or NATO, or then the UN as a whole, etc.

I believe what the Apostle John (Revelation) and the earlier prophets write as still to come  (Daniel’s fourth and terrible “Beast,” unlike all those before it) is actually the world system continuing on from the earlier ‘beasts’ (Babylon, M-Persia, Greece) and manifest, especially in our years, as a continuum of Rome + modern politics + latterly, a revived Islamic political and religious system with Allah and its’ Prophet (on a par with the earlier Umayyad Caliphate).

That is why Daniel (of Lion’s Den fame) and John (Apostle) describe this last and most terrible ‘beast’ as having metaphorical iron teeth, bronze claws, wings, and ten heads, in other words, amalgams of all the earlier ‘beasts’ that survive #4’s ultimate destruction with Christ’s return.

As a Christian I am not looking for a future ONE WORLD GOVT. but an earth system (already in place, as John describes Antichrist) and finally exhibited as rampant militant political and religious Islam which matches biblical predictions perfectly.

The ten-nation league, or One World Govt., is traditionally interpreted from a Euro-centric or US-centric mentality.  The Bible, quite clearly, is Israel-centric, so we have to understand the biblical allusions and apocalyptic writings, as describing politics AS THEY RELATE to Israel and the Holy Land.  ‘The whole world” therefore, can relate to all the nations surrounding ancient Israel.  This is what is now the reality, as the Bible predicted thousands of years ago.

But Euro-centric views are persistent, and so there is a hot debate on Ian’s site, particularly as it relates to America and concerns over Obama’s abuses of Federal power, his use of Executive Orders, etc.. Here are some extracts:

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 10.40.49 AM

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3 Responses to Ian Wishart & One World Govt.?

  1. Ian Wishart says:

    Useful analysis, but your qualifier turns out to be very important. You haven’t read it. Totalitaria is not a book about the Christian perception of one world government per se, it is about the perception of the UN/NGOs/leading politicals that the time has now come for the introduction of such. What is fascinating, and what I lay out in the book with all the relevant UN citations, is the spiritual motivation of the world government lobby.

    Read the book, then tell me if you still disagree with my premise.


  2. Reid says:

    To penetrate the camouflage and see what is happening you need to drop the perception that either the left or the right are good. Neither of them are and this applies in the UK and in US and Canada and Australia and in Israel and in Russia and China and throughout the EU. This is about ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ and it is absolutely biblical because the people who are doing this use satanic forces to obtain their objectives and if you want evidence then look at all the satanic symbolism that comes out of Hollyweird and the music industry and ask yourself, why are they doing that? To corrupt you and your children, of course. Gah.

    Again dropping the perception of good and bad, you need to recognise Israel’s rulers do not act in favour of her own people and also recognise that Ashkenazi Jews who make up the majority of Jews in Israel are not the people of Israel from the Bible. Nevertheless Israel’s leaders fully intend to portray them to the world as if they are and thus they have created the ‘war on terror’ to generate a Muslim-Christian conflict which is designed to generate Muslim fury against the Jews and destroy Israel so they can turn around and say, see? God allowed His own people to be destroyed. Then they rebuild the temple on the ruins of the Dome of the Rock even though there is enough room to build it beside it, and install the anti-Christ who rules briefly disguised as God on Earth and then drops the disguise.

    The Western-centric vs Biblical Israel-centric dynamic you raise is explained when you see that Israel controls US politics. AIPAC is far and away the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel did 911, the US invaded Iraq to help Israel by removing her second biggest security threat and to spark the Muslim-Christian conflict Israel is pushing the US to hit Iran. Remember, the Israeli leadership never act in the best interests of their own people….

    I could go on but this is just a brief outline. Just food for thought. Interesting you’re an ex-priest, maybe you should join in the theological debates a bit more…:)

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