America Shuts Down

Democracy at work.  And ya still think it’s George Bush’s fault? Aspects of the American Federal Government have shut down tonight, because the Democrats and Republicans cannot agree on important aspects of the Obamacare plan. The Republicans think the bill is economically irresponsible and will crush jobs, small businesses and the economy.  It’s funny, because Washington DC workers and other Govt. Democrats, like some Unions, are exempted. Why?

Democrats argue that we should all pull together kumbyahmahLord, and if their President wants something, nooooo-one should oppose it.  Well Democrats and president Obama, this is how democracy works! You don’t have the numbers, people have serious concerns about what you are proposing, and you have mismanaged the politics to the point, that the Congress cannot pass a Budget to run America.  Hell-o!

Maybe the Federal goose just got so big someone mistook it for a Turkey and plucked it. Or the Federal cow’s udder got so big, it went dry (because it was full of bull).

So, there is no money.  This is how this great nation works, the People decide. And right now,  the Congress of the People cannot agree.  So Mr Commander-in-Chief-I-got-Osama-stopped-the-War-on-Terror-Closed-Guantanomo (oops still open)-and Rolled-Back-Qaeda, it’s time to step up!

Find a solution!  You are the President and lead the whole schebang. And don’t give me that whiney Momma-Jeans feeble excuse, “people disagree with me.”  Go ask George Bush and Bill Clinton who had hostile Senates and Congresses.  They built accords and compromised on dogma to make things work. Man-up and get the work done. Laying off the golf and the celebrity talk shows might give you some important skills and some spare time.

Yes, we know this is about you leaving a political legacy, and ‘solving’ the health care problem in America (like you solved war and world peace, racism and poverty).  But not at the expense of America, Mister! Time for some political hard graft and less show-ponying. Maybe drop the image infatuations for a week or two.


Here’s a summary of the problem in a short video, plus an article if you’d like to learn more:

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One Response to America Shuts Down

  1. Brown says:

    I thought it weird that the national parks close. Like I need a fed to enjoy a walk in the woods?

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