Which is the Nohmul Pyramid? (Part iii)


Is this the pre-destroyed Nohmul Pyramid or Lamanai?

A pre-destruction image of the Nohmul Pyramid is proving elusive.  Several sites are publishing the image above as the Nohmul Pyramid prior to its destruction (as I have, Mayan Tragedy in Belize). These include Associated Press and Elnuevodia. My (third) source is a blog site of a person who has actually been there as well as several other similar sites in Belize, and who labelled each site on their blog as they went (momsway.com). Thus,

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 2.19.39 PM

That on the face of it would fix it for me. Moreover, immediately below, for example, is a screenshot of Elnuevodia which also cites the Associated Press as well as having the word “Nohmul” over the image when scrolling across (top right, below).

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 1.48.01 PM

However, due to the nature of online media, once one outlet prints a pic., others tend to just ape the attribution, so I have been trying to verify the image as correctly “Nohmul.” Other sites, as well as a CoNZv correspondent think the original image is in fact Lamanai. Gossipy.co is one and they carry this image as Nohmul.

Lamanai (Getty image)

Here is the same edifice from a different angle and in different light. This is definately Lamanai, as this is a “Getty” [museum?] image (labelled mayantemple130515getty630. jpg.gif).mayantemple130515getty630.jpg

This is the same image as the original ‘Nohmul pyramid’ quoted by me and several other sites.  The giveaway is the inverted ‘t’ in a white square to the right of the upper staircase.  So the ‘Nohmul’ image is perhaps the Lamanai complex. Although the “Lamanai” pyramid photographed by the visitor on momsway.com is quite different (Is that in fact Nohmul?).

It may be that Nohmul is perhaps just one of several pyramid mounds within a wider “Lamanai” complex site, a word used variously and generically to cover a number of individual ruins (including Nohmul) within a larger complex.

I would welcome any elucidation from readers, especially if you’ve been to Nohmul itself.

Nohmul now, set away from other buildings on flat land (as per the descriptions). See also:   100ft Mayan Pyramid Demolished in Belize (Part ii)

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 1.39.17 PM

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4 Responses to Which is the Nohmul Pyramid? (Part iii)

  1. Kurt says:

    It’s very easy – the picture cannot be the Nohmul pyramid, as it was never excavated. It looked like a large mound with trees on top. I tried to find a pic on the net, but to no avail – there is one which shows the very top (some politician climbed the pyramid), but not one of the whole pyramid.

  2. Giancarlo says:

    Google Earth satellite images can help us ? It seems a downfall !

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  4. Christian says:

    I thought I was the only one with curiosity to see what the original looked like. Google serves no purpose.

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