Terrible Poster Banned in America

ImageThis disgusting poster was banned in America by a school board authority.  They also demanded the teacher of a Bible Study group remove a quote by Ronald Reagan.  Full story here.

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A blog about politics, life, culture, literature, music and thought from Christchurch, New Zealand [NZ] (the home of 10,000 earthquakes since 4 Sept. 2010) built because of the bullying and cajoling of Liberal opinion-makers (journalism and Hollywood) against conservative-minded people who are as entitled to opinion and a perspective as anyone; and because Conservativism has served the world well. John Stringer is a New Zealander (Christchurch) in his 50s married to an American from Taco Bell; they have 5 adult children in 3 diff. countries. John is an ex-Anglican pastor, a teacher, published author (NZ), novelist (USA) and cartoonist (Aust, NZ), and has spent the last 25 years in NZ politics with the National party (he was a parliamentary candidate in 1999). There was a stint in London working for the British Conservative party as well, where he did media minding and campaign work with several Brit cabinet ministers, including Baroness Thatcher, Baroness Blatch, Michael Howard, Tom King, among others. He has an MA (classical studies, Victoria); is a graduate of the New York Film Academy; and has various awards for writing. His passions include British bulldogs, fly fishing, and history (Ancient and WWII). Winston Churchill was mainly a “Conservative” but also a “Liberal” MP between 1900-1964. A Member of Parliament for 64 years, he contested 21 parliamentary elections (for Oldham, Manchester North West, Dundee, and Epping/Woodford). Throughout his career Churchill stood for liberty. He believed in open debate and freedom of speech, and opposed any system or ideology that tried to dictate the way one should think. Churchill felt deeply that disagreements within the democratic system should not degenerate into personal animosities. RIDER: This site is not connected to nzconservative, a Catholic site, or NZ Conservative Party, although from time-to-time I share some of the views espoused by both groups and other sites I follow, as published; I am an independent thinker and blogger.
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One Response to Terrible Poster Banned in America

  1. David says:

    Dunno why Christians have to lie and distort so much.

    1. The poster has not been banned in the US, there are many places where it can be displayed, eg churches, private homes and businesses, clubs, etc. And the law cannot do a thing about that display as it would be legal. It is not legal to display it, as you well know, on any government property, and that includes schools and military bases.

    2. Joelle Silver,is not “the teacher of a Bible Study group ” as you claim, if you had read the article you would see she is an advisor to the school’s Bible Study club. She is, in fact a science teacher. What possible connection can her posters have to the teaching of science?

    What purpose do these posters have other than to proselytise, to tell students their teacher believes in god and they’d better believe too.

    Interesting to note that the guy going in to bat for her, Robert Muise, is one of the Thomas More Law Center attorneys who was smashed in the “Dover Case”. Looks like he likes losing.

    As a thought experiment, how about the posters were put up by a Muslim teacher, promoting Islam, and said teacher was ordered to take them down? Or maybe a Hindoo, they have them teach in America too, you know.

    Would you be rushing to their defence?

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