Video: Israel Hamas Strike


The Telegraph has posted video footage of the airstrike on Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari said to be responsible for recent rocket attacks on Israel, said to “open the gates of hell.”  If that is true, what does Hamas believe it’s been like for Israel after decades of rocket attacks? Hamas has been firing rockets into Israeli suburbs (inhabited by about 1 million non-combatants) for years, without provocation. So, this is what Israeli citizens put up with on a regular basis and live under.  Israel has a right to protect itself, and a few days ago, Hamas launched several rocket strikes against Israeli suburbs.  It should be noted, Gaza was given to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.  Gaza has been used as a rocket launching pad into Israel for decades. If peace cannot be won, and political accord reached, will Israel go back into Gaza, as it was forced to do in Lebanon, where rockets still rain down?

Note how the Israelis wait until the car is clear of the bus or van and clear of other vehicles.

The video is here:

Israel says the strike was “targeting Gaza militants,” while Hamas says it is “political assassination.” I guess these subtleties are lost in war but relevant to the semantics of propaganda. Jabari was at the top of Israel’s most-wanted list according to the Associated Press, responsible for kidnappings and bombings. Hamas also says his son was killed in the attack.

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