Poor Diddums

Does this mean calling peeps “Homophobic” is banned too?


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A blog about politics, life, culture, literature, music and thought from Christchurch, New Zealand [NZ] (the home of 10,000 earthquakes since 4 Sept. 2010) built because of the bullying and cajoling of Liberal opinion-makers (journalism and Hollywood) against conservative-minded people who are as entitled to opinion and a perspective as anyone; and because Conservativism has served the world well. John Stringer is a New Zealander (Christchurch) in his 50s married to an American from Taco Bell; they have 5 adult children in 3 diff. countries. John is an ex-Anglican pastor, a teacher, published author (NZ), novelist (USA) and cartoonist (Aust, NZ), and has spent the last 25 years in NZ politics with the National party (he was a parliamentary candidate in 1999). There was a stint in London working for the British Conservative party as well, where he did media minding and campaign work with several Brit cabinet ministers, including Baroness Thatcher, Baroness Blatch, Michael Howard, Tom King, among others. He has an MA (classical studies, Victoria); is a graduate of the New York Film Academy; and has various awards for writing. His passions include British bulldogs, fly fishing, and history (Ancient and WWII). Winston Churchill was mainly a “Conservative” but also a “Liberal” MP between 1900-1964. A Member of Parliament for 64 years, he contested 21 parliamentary elections (for Oldham, Manchester North West, Dundee, and Epping/Woodford). Throughout his career Churchill stood for liberty. He believed in open debate and freedom of speech, and opposed any system or ideology that tried to dictate the way one should think. Churchill felt deeply that disagreements within the democratic system should not degenerate into personal animosities. RIDER: This site is not connected to nzconservative, a Catholic site, or NZ Conservative Party, although from time-to-time I share some of the views espoused by both groups and other sites I follow, as published; I am an independent thinker and blogger.
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6 Responses to Poor Diddums

  1. donkey says:

    I wonder if they’ll automatically stop stereotyping white, middle class Christians as ‘intolerant rascist homophobic bigots’.

    Somehow I doubt it – shoes and other feet etc.

  2. George says:

    This is behaviour typically emanating from neurotics. Alienated by imagined threats and conflicts, anxious, hostile, and hoping to take refuge in the opinions and favour of the greatest number of people who for the most part don’t give a hoot one way or other. When that doesn’t work the imagined hurt magnifies and they start the victim/threat/scapegoat engine up.
    Any advice to ‘get a life’ is wasted on the insecure.

  3. I’m sorry, what? It’s an ad pointing out that contuing to use the word gay as a synonym for “bad/weird/whatever” further marginalizes at risk children? What’s wrong with making peple aware of the consequences of their actions?

  4. Changeiscoming says:

    Homosexuals stole the meaning of the word Gay and now they can’t stand it when people use the word gay to mean anything other than what they want the word used for. Looking at dictionary.com the 4th meaning clearly shows that the word gay can be used to describe brightly coloured clothing. Most likely John Key was using difinition 5 but that has nothing to do with the Homosexual meanings. This poor understanding of the English language bugs me and shows how uneducated some people are. I suppose the homosexuals think that the use of the word gay in the Flintstone intro music, it goes “we are going to have a gay old time” means that Fred and Barney are going to get it on! Well no it means they we are going to have a joyful time, which is meaning 3.

    When people talk about gay marrage I think, I hope every marrage is gay, mine and my wifes is certainly very happy and joyful.

  5. Don the Kiwi says:

    That advert is so gay:-)

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