5. Is Bigfoot/Sasquatch Real?

This is my final post on Bigfoot/Sasquatch (probably). I remain unconvinced but intrigued; the evidence for Sasquatch is weak, however there is solid video footage (such as this video [Ontario, good summary at end] and others very like it [New York state click here or link at very bottom] that unequivocally show escaped chimpanzees and hybrids do exist in North America. This is the probable nature of the unknown “Florida Swamp Ape” aka “Skunk Ape.” This video and others like it are difficult to discount, but I don’t believe they are Sasquatch.

The difficulty is, this has now become a game. Like Crop Circles, people believe, supported by a vast-cast of hoaxers who feed them. Evidence for Sasquatch is scientifically weak but buffered by a generation of ridicuously fake footprint casts. They have got more sophisticated as the ‘science’ has grown. There is also the ‘fake’ Patterson-Gimlin film that sparked everything off. People see Sasquatch (their testimony is often convincing) but thousands also believe they have been abducted by aliens and taken to Mother Ships.

People see bears, and back-packers in the dark. They also see escaped monkeys that have bred. Costumes and prosthetics are now so real in the film industry, short of an actual body, video footage can never be evidence of an actual creature any more than a sophisticated hoax (remember Peking Man?).

That being said, eight new mammals were discovered in Peru this week, including two monkeys. The okapi, the forest giraffe was discovered in the Congo in the early 1900s; alongwith the takahe in NZ. We know large bi-pedal apes existed, perhaps they still do.

Previously unknown snub-nosed monkey (Burma) R. Strykeri. Image: Ngwe Lwin.

This is the snub-nosed monkey discovered in Myanmar (Burma) in 2010. It is similar to the mysterious and unknown Russian monkey shot in the late 1800s. It is quite possible a similar creature exists in the vast wilderness of North America, Canada and Russia. Native Americans say they do and have many legends and much lore about them (“Sasquatch” is an Indian word).

It remains fascinating. To view equally compelling footage very like the video above, go here: http://youtu.be/vbZxT1uGTME

The unknown Siberian monkey

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4 Responses to 5. Is Bigfoot/Sasquatch Real?

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  3. Scott says:

    Like the elusive moose in fiordland & Loch Ness’ monster, Sasquatch have a number of problems with credibility. When I was young I used to believe. As I get more cynical I’m compelled to ask for real proof and find that hard facts are just as elusive as the subject. No bodies, hair, poop or dwelling places? Really?? After all this time and searching?

    Remember that these guys need a breeding population to survive.

    • coNZervative says:

      I agree. N.America is vast and isolated, so it could hide a rare primate, but I think it unlikely. The chimps thing is real however. The vids are convincing. Indian pythons (the largest snake in the world) are on the increase in the Everglades (purely from pet releases).

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