Obama’s Ineptitude, the tragedy of political correctness


White House press secretary Jay Carney said at today’s White House briefing. ‘This is not about US policy or anti-American sentiment’  ?????  He said the international violence (now spread across dozens of countries) was nothing to do with 9/11 [it was timed to occur on 9/11] and was a direct response to the movie [the movie has been out since June/July]. Several political editors have described this as “extraordinary.” This is displacement; the Obama Administration does not want to be held accountable for this and wants to appear a victim of circumstance. This shows the complete naivete of the Obama Administration and how completely out of touch they are on foreign policy.  How can you look at what is happening, blame the movie, and suggest this is not anti-American?

Leading political commentator Charles Krauthammer (Pulitzer Prize winner) says the protests demonstrate the melt-down of Obama’s foreign policy (his Cairo speech, reaching out to the Muslim world, and the huge investment  [billions] in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, etc).

Democrats accused Romney of a “War on Woman” earlier in the week (because Republicans do not support State funding of women’s reproductive health and are against abortion) but during the M.East crisis Obama (who is unable to meet with the Israeli prime minister because he’s too busy) had an interview with a show called “Pimp with a Limp.”  Women’s health, “yeah right!”

Obama has not been attending the daily Security Intelligence briefings and has alienated the Israeli government by declining to meet with its prime minister who is currently in New York.  As the crisis emerged, Obama went to Las Vegas campaigning, spent more time attacking his Republican opponent than condemning the Muslim violence against Americans and the murder and rape of its Libyan ambassador.

And why were the US Marines not allowed to carry bullets in their guns on 9/11 in a volatile country? Marines are charged with inner-ring embassy security, outer-ring security is the job of the local State. In Libya the US ambassador and 3 other embassy staff were killed and possibly raped.  When the embassy was overrun, Marines were killed and could not defend the staff and embassy.  This is a tragic failure of the blindness of political correctness, which is a guiding light of the current US Administration which appears to be masterminding US disengagement from difficult countries, appeasement and a soft hand with antagonists who only respond to strength and decisiveness.

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