Impact of 9/11 on American Economy

It is Monday 10/9 today in USA, the day before “9/11″  [or “11/9” NZ dating. The planes hit Wed 12.46-2.03am 12 Sept NZ time]. Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center not once, but twice (1993 and 2001), because they thought it was the economic hub of America, ‘Satan’s lair.’  They of course had, and still have, a simplistic comprehension of how America works (knocking down the Two Towers did not cripple the US economy), which is why America will never be defeated by such groups.  However, the 9/11 impacts did have an effect on the local New York economy and the economic graph below is illustrative of this.  I have also appended a graphic that shows where the different pieces of the planes hit and landed on that terrible morning 11 years ago, for all those silly conspiracy theorists who still believe George Bush Jr. and Dick Chaney detonated the buildings to achieve something nefarious.

You can see in the wake of 9/11 that the overall US economy (blue) also took a dip but nothing like the affect on NY’s economy (red).  Also worthy of note, is that both the US and NY economies were back in to the black within one quarter of the terrorism, demonstrating how robust the American economy was in 2001. The Pentagon was repaired within 12 months, and the cleanup at Ground Zero complete by May 2002.

Image  Image

This graphic shows clearly what I mentioned yesterday, that the attacks were carefully planned and the two Boston Boeings flew round-about paths to sandwich the Two Towers from north and South (one plane actually circling around NY to achieve this) presumably for maximum impact on the populace. My own view is that the Terrorists had no idea the buildings would implode, which greatly enhanced the result of their acts.

Various dense pieces of the planes landed down into Manhattan, and this is true also of the Pentagon where there was no CTV of the plane actually barreling into the building (despite hundreds of eye witnesses) which has fed sustained conspiracy theories since; it happened just between CTV time lapse frames.  However, large chunks of Flight 77 remained amidst the debris, and are plainly visible in several photographs, such as on the front lawn, but conspiracies illogically persist.  It has also never been explained where Flight 77 is, if not in the Pentagon other than claiming it never existed, which is a gross offense to the victims and families of Flight 77 and their incredible bravery at the end.

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  2. ciaron says:

    I found this video a while ago, always shuts up those who think the pentagon strike was a hoax.

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