9/11 Planes & Flight Paths

It is Sunday 9/9 today in USA, 2 days out from “9/11”  [or “11/9” NZ dating. The planes hit Wed 12.46-2.03am 12 Sept NZ time]. These are the flight paths and planes used on the morning of 9/11. The 4 planes were all Boeings and from only two airlines, American and United.  The 3rd and 4th high-jackings (Flights 77 & 93) were both Boeing 757-223s.

  1. Flight 11 (AA)    Boeing 767-223 ER
  2. Flight 175 (UA)  Boeing 767-222
  3. Flight 77 (AA)    Boeing 757-223
  4. Flight 93 (UA)    Boeing 757-223

Boeing 767-223ER

Boeing 767-222

Boeing 757-223 (AA 77, UA 93)

By looking at the flight paths, you can see how carefully planned the attacks were, in terms of timing and placement.  For example, Highjackings 1 & 2 (Flights 11, 175) took off from Boston only a few minutes after eachother, both targeting the World Trade Center as a timed 1,2 punch, perhaps for dramatic impact.  Flight 11 came in from the north; Flight 175 flew around New York and came in from the south, sandwiching the Two Towers between the two attacks.

Flights were chosen that timed this effect.  Highjack 4 (93) actually took off from New York nearby, but flew west to allow time for the high-jackers to take control and throw off America before turning around and flying back towards Washington DC (intended target: The US Capitol Building often misunderstood as the White House), before it was crashed by the brave passengers near the Pennsylvania border.  Highjack 3 (77) took off from near 4’s target (Washington DC) and flew SW before turning back and targeting the Pentagon (in nearby Virginia).

In these choices can be detected the Terrorists planing, timing, and aircraft choices to throw off potential interception by F16s, confuse Air Traffic Control and the military (which they completely did; it was civil Americans who thwarted Flight 93) and create a staged 1,2,3,4 rolling attack throughout the morning at targets geographically incongruous with the planes’ departure points.

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2 Responses to 9/11 Planes & Flight Paths

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  2. Duncan Brown says:

    Until 9/11, I never really understood when people would ask, “Where were you when John F Kennedy was shot?” Now I do, 9/11 was an event that changed the world forever. I know exactly where I was, and who I was with. Our morning meeting was abruptly interrupted to, “Turn on the TV!,” and we watched with absolute horror and disbelief! Hard to believe it’s been 11 years…

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