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Romney’s Nomination Speech -12 mill jobs.

[3.15 NZ time, 30 Aug US time, a min,. after the speech]. Romney began by talking about the aspiration engendered by Obama’s election in 2008. “I wish President Obama had succeeded, so that America succeeded.” He talked about Neil Armstrong as … Continue reading

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Trumpeting of the Elephant (Republican National Convention)

The biggest conservative show in town, is the Republican Party National Convention in Tampa, FL [Aug 27-30, 2012] where Mitt Romney will accept the GOP nomination as its Presidential candidate and run against Obama in early November. There have been some … Continue reading

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Bad Lack of Professional Journo Objectivity by Duncan Garner

We have a long tradition of robust journalism in NZ, but there are common complaints by many commentators (Gordon McLauchlan, Michael Laws among others) that the current generation of the Fourth Estate in NZ lacks objectivity, is partisan (ie overtly LIberal), lacks depth, and has little understanding of history.

Duncan Garner TVNZ’s senior political editor made these disgraceful statements on RadioLIve in an interview with Marcus Lush on Wednesday.  It is demonstrable bias and diminishes Garner’s reputation for fairness, balalnce, and profesional objectivity.  Garner, after many years experience at parliament, for example, picked the same-sex First Reading vote (in this interview as well) would be 65.  It was 80.  Biased and ill-informed.

Garner’s public bias starts at 5.00min.  Here is a erbatim transcript. 

[Radio Live:Marcus Lush show] at 5:00min Duncan Garner…the most perverse outcome of it all, will probably be that the Conservative Party – Colin Craig’s lot– will get close to …ah… 4%, which will probably be the new threshold for the next election.  The perverse outcome will be that the religious guys come in to parliament as a result…”

Why is that “perverse” from a balanced objective political editor?  Do NZers not have a right to support that party in an open democracy.  Why is it bad to have “religious” people in politics (William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr, Bishop Tutu etc).  We begin parliament every day in NZ with a christian prayer.

I will say two things:

1. Colin Craig – the media’s favourite whipping boy – is different than Winston, ACT or Peter Dunne who all started their parties with taxpayers’ money while on the parl. payroll.  CC has dipped (deeply) in to his own pocket to start his party. He deserves respect for that.

2. Craig as a conservative, has said over and over, his group is not religious, and he does not himself go to church.

3. Regardless of whether you agree with him or not, he is the only conservative leader to stand up and debate the current radical social-change issues – which were thrust upon him by Labour MPs – and as such, he reflects a growing constituency in NZ. The TV media were unable to attract ANY Nats (traditionally the conservative party in NZ) to front on any of these issues over recent time.

If the media, especially TV, want to be biased and partisan against one group or another, I challenge them to resign and start a lobby group, or front themselves against Craig as a political party with their own money, and we would soon see who has street cred. with kiwi voters.


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Make My Republican Day Punk!

Shock horror, a Hollywood pillar is rumoured to have switched allegiances and joined the Republicans to support Mitt Romney.  It is rumoured that director/actor and Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood will shortly walk on to the stage of the Florida Republican … Continue reading

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Racism & Separatism in NZ

Racist MP Hone Harawira wants New Zealanders to swear loyalty to the Treaty of Waitangi because “the Queen is elsewhere”.  She is not;  she is in Hone’s pocket: Her face is on coins in his pocket Until recently, she graced … Continue reading

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Chch Gains & Loses

A great roll over photo library of Christchurch for those interested.  Now and “roll over” to see what was there before.  This shows graphically how much we’ve changed in Chch.  Still here.  We have a bright future.


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Deeply Disturbing in Iran

Deeply Disturbing in Iran

This photo is deeply disturbing. It shows Iranian men in the 21st C. being hung in public for immorality. They are hauled up to die slowly, a terrible and humiliating act (the 2nd and 4th men still have their feet on the ground still alive). I would not usually post a public news photo like this, but NZ is a major trading partner with Iran, they have a large kiwifruit industry, and this regime is developing nuclear capability. We must remember, however, that this is a regime act, not that of the general Iranian people who have fought for liberty and change.

Equally disturbing is the Iranian regime’s continued rabid anti-Semiticism. It has put out press statements blaming Israel for international homosexuality.

“This week the Iranian web site Mashregh, the voice of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, is featuring a special report titled “Introduction to the overt and covert aspects of spreading homosexuality in the world.

The web site’s “research study” claims homosexuality is an act of corruption that leads to…extinction, and social corruption. And the Iranians claim Western nations and the Jewish people in Israel and the U.S. are promoters of this abomination.”
“Iranian scholars have brought the age-old, hate-mongering concept of “blame the Jews” to new heights. And The Obama administration believes these Islamists are capable of sincere negotiations with the West? Such negotiations are a fool’s errand,” said Thomas Garabon, an expert in Islamic terrorism.

“The ‘Satanic regime’ of the West seeks to undermine the family institution by changing the definition of family, encouraging homosexuality, and facilitating the spread of this ugly phenomenon, as it has already done with feminism and pornography,” the Iranian state-sponsored web site alleges.

While we may have disagreements in the West over different aspects of life, culture and politics, it is perhaps timely and sobering to remember that we have a shared enemy in the world – militant extreme Islam that is on the rise, and took the lives of several NZers in August.

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Best Same-Sex Speech (29/8) Tim Machindoe

Bill Debates comprise:
two 10min debates
eight 5min debates and
one 5min Sponsor reply.

This speech by Tim Macindoe (Nat. Ham West) was one of the eight 5mins. and I think is one of the best. I select it because of its tone, its reason, its sweep across a variety of concerns (religious heritage, rights and discrimination, origin of marriage). I include below much of the uncorrected draft text of the speech for people to read, as it comprises some valuable thoughts worth re-posting elsewhere and that apply beyond this narrow discussion.

First Reading

TIM MACINDOE (National—Hamilton West): When this bill…was drawn I indicated that I would vote against it. The reasons that I gave to the media and to my constituents at that time remain important to me. But the intense public interest shown in this matter has prompted me to go much further in my thinking.

I approach the issue as one who respects and wishes to protect the institution of marriage in its historical and current form. I believe that a major purpose of New Zealand’s civil union legislation, which was passed before I became an MP, was to protect the legal rights of gay and de facto couples. In my opinion, if more protection is needed, and it may be, it should be achieved by amending that legislation, not the Marriage Act…

I accept that ours is a secular society, but for me and many other New Zealanders our attitude is also deeply embedded in our Christian belief in the sanctity of marriage.

I choose that word deliberately, not because I expect everyone else to view marriage in that way, but because it is how I see it. And New Zealanders have a right to understand what the values and beliefs of their MPs are, especially at times such as this.

To them [constituents who’ve communicated with TM] it is a simple human rights issue. We are all created equal. We should be treated equally under the law, and the State has no right, nor is there any public interest, in denying New Zealanders the legal authority to marry on the grounds that both partners are male or both are female.

For me, however, and for many other New Zealanders the issue is not that simple. Nor is it a question of the State denying the human rights of some citizens. I would never condone the suppression of my gay friends’ and constituents’ human rights. I do not judge them nor regard them in any way as inferior. Each day we commence our sittings in this House with a prayer that “we will conduct our affairs and those of this country to the glory of God’s holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, and the public welfare, peace, and tranquillity of New Zealand.”

It has become fashionable to demean the role of churches in society, but our modern nation was founded on Christian values, with a rich Christian heritage dating back many centuries brought to these shores by our ancestors. That heritage underpins our democratic tradition, our legal system, our traditional family structures, and the freedoms that we so often take for granted. We should not take those institutions lightly, and in matters such as the issue we are debating tonight we should be respectful of the voices of our church leaders.

Although ours is essentially a Christian heritage we are increasingly a multicultural and a multi-faith society. Although there are many differences reflected in that diversity, attitudes to marriage and its special status as a relationship between one man and one woman who honour and remain faithful to each other are consistent….Yesterday 70 Christian church leaders, including numerous national heads of major church denominations, both Catholic and Protestant, released a joint personal statement in response to this …Bill, and I believe it is important that it become part of the record of this first reading debate.

“We have made this joint statement”, said the Rev. Dr Richard Waugh, “because members of Parliament need to be in no doubt what mainstream Christian views are on this matter. This issue is not about equality but about the nature of marriage. All human beings are equal in the sight of both God and society, but not all relationships are the same. Marriage has uniquely been about the union of male and female. The State should not presume to re-engineer a basic human institution. The complementary role of male and female is basic to the very character of marriage, along with having and raising children. Same-sex relationships are intrinsically different, so can never be regarded as true marriage.”

Marriage, as we understand it, has for many centuries been the basis of the traditional family unit. During my lifetime the family has come under increasing attack in a variety of ways, and I believe our society is much poorer for that. In the joint statement from the churches the ministers urged parliamentarians “to take seriously that, for a very significant proportion of the New Zealand public, marriage is more than just a legal agreement or social contract, but has a sacred character to it, and that many people—Christian and otherwise—feel very strongly that the nature of marriage should not be interfered with.”

I understand the distress of many in our community around this issue. I wish I could say more and respond more to those representations I have received, but I do pray that we will make the right decision this evening.

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Do We Have the Balls to Redefine Rugby?

This is so clever I have to re-post it (my red highlights).  It lampoons the skewed logic used in last night’s same-sex marriage debates by the pro-bill lobby (especially Kevin Hague, Nikki Kaye & Jamie-Lee Ross’ speeches) and is an … Continue reading

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Most Amazing Story You’ll Ever View (Vid Pro Quo #3)

This is a short doco on the utterly incredible Lori and Reba Schappell of New York whose story has inspired me for several years. They live in New York.  See post immediately below.

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