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Vileness on the Left

Vileness on the Left

I have posted several times about respecting your opponents and how NZ MPs have been bullied into not expressing their views on moral issues because of vitriolic attacks from the Left.

Then I posted several times on the vile attacks on the fast food chain “Chik Fila A” by the Left, who simply cannot seem to tolerate people who disagree with them. Churchill hated bullies and the rising tide of venomous anti-cobservative rhetoric was a main reason why I launched this blog site.

here are three new examples in just 24 hours.

1. On CNN prior to a magazine piece on Governor Sarah Palin (perhaps one of the most unfairly vilified public figures by the Left, in America since Reagen, who was habitually touted as mentally retarded by the Left…sound familiar re George Bush?) they played a song “Silly Girls.” Deeply direspectful and CNN has since apologised.

I admire the way Sarah Palin deals with this level of gutter media; they do it to her over and over again, including her children.

2. In NZ, Bob McCroskrie’s “Family First” -linked website set up to support traditional marriage and present arguments against the same-sex marriage bill suffered a vicious cyber attack that took the site down. STUFF reports,

” ‘Protect Marriage’ was launched by Family First yesterday, but minutes later was removed from the web when it became the immediate target of a “large-scale denial of service attack” according to the site’s webhost.

Family First director Bob McCroskrie said the website was dedicated to opposing Labour MP Louisa Wall’s Marriage Equality Bill, which was pulled from the ballot last week and had sparked heated debate from both sides.

While the site was reinstated a couple of times yesterday, its Christchurch-based webhost had to eventually pull the site completely because hackers had overwhelmed their servers so much it affected every other website hosted by the company.

Family First’s own website was also hosted by the company and has also been pulled.

Family First has reinstated the site with an international hosting company that had larger servers and tighter security measures.

“It is disappointing that some opponents in the marriage debate are unwilling to have robust debate and are resorting to desperate – but failed – attempts to shut us down,” McCroskrie said.

“We are also disappointed that our web host company was targeted with offensive emails simply because they were a Christchurch business that we wanted to support and who were willing to host some of our websites.”

McCroskrie reported that he had had about 100 hate emails himself.

This is vile. It is bullying. Then we had this…

3. Newsweek’s cover. The same old same old, where Obama is trumpeted as god, Reagan, Bush and Romney as mentally retarded wimps and fools. This kind of partisan character-assasination derides democracy and encourages extremism on both sides.

The MP for Oldham would have been appalled. Shame on the Left.

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The new Christchurch

The rebuild plan for Christchurch was revealed tonight at 6pm by PM John Key.  It has a great vision dominated by parks and the Avon River with wisely chosen hubs nestled in a reduced CBD with a focus on pedestrians. … Continue reading

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Tom, Dick & Harry: Three-somes Are Next

One of the arguments used by conservatives against same-sex marriage has been the logic to allow threesomes or groups to also be accorded matrimonial rights.  It was laughed off at the time as hyperbole.  But logically it stood in terms … Continue reading

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US & Iran Policy

Between Iran & a Hard Place.  US & Iran Policy Continue reading

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Will Obama Bomb Iran?

There is speculation today in Israeli newspaper Haaretz claiming the US is about to attack Iran over its nuclear capability.  However, a senior Israeli politician has directly discounted this. The threat comes on the back of Repub. nominee Mitt Romney visiting … Continue reading

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R.I.P. ‘Eddie Yates’

R.I.P. 'Eddie Yates'

Coro Street legend Geoffrey Hughes has died after a long battle with cancer.

The 68-year-old actor who starred as bin man Eddie Yates in the 1970s and 1980s, is thought to have had prostate cancer. Go here for a tribute (and more pics) in the Mirror (UK).

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“Iron Curtain” & other Leader rip-offs.

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Some Unsettling Studies & More Heat on the Gay Marriage Debate

A few days ago on TV3 Colin Craig (leader of the brand new NZ Conservative Party) said, …people choose to be gay rather than being born that way, many as a result of being abused as children. This offended some, … Continue reading

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Bullying A Business 101 (do historic research)

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A ‘Fowl’ State of Medievalism in Boston

A 'Fowl' State of Medievalism in Boston

Here is a copy of the threatening Boston Mayor’s letter to “Chik Fil A.” He should be asked to resign, using power in this way to cajole and threaten. What a thug. Ironically the letter was described like this on a pro-Gay site called “TWO Truth Wins Out”…

“Boston Mayor’s Letter To Chick-Fil-A CEO Is A Thing Of Beauty
Posted July 26th, 2012 by Evan Hurst
This happened yesterday, but if you haven’t seen the letter, you really should. This is what it looks like when medieval bigotry is no longer socially acceptable among sentient, educated human beings:…”

One wonders who the medieval bigot really is, Evan. You don’t see the irony? ah well, the truth will out. ~ J.

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