Our Place (Photo of the Day)

NEW ZEALAND.  That is Australia to the left, across the Tasman Sea.  Christchurch is the thumb sticking out from the South Island, and the yellow blob our Garden City, NZ’s second largest city. Love living here.


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That Obama Phone

Re that Obama meme I posted the other day.  Well, it’s fake, photoshopped, so in fairness to Obama, here is the original. He deserves that, even though his people did it to president Bush (the same photo swing-aroonie).  Thanks to Rodney Hide for the tip.

Origins:   One joke that never seems to get old — or at least never seems to get old enough to die off — is the picture of the politician holding a telephone upside down (last seen applied to President Bush in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina).

Few (if any) prominent political figures are really clueless enough to both unknowingly pose holding a telephone upside down and approve the release of publicity pictures displaying such a faux pas, but for the record we note here that the above-displayed image of Barack Obama in a similar pose (which was posted to the IMAO web site on 3 March 2008) is merely a digitally manipulated version of this photograph:
More here.

Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 8.54.49 AM

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Quote of the Day (Colin’s Board)

Ballot Paper 2015Colin Craig has promised all along, that he would “elect a new Board” (his come back strategy, ie remove critics) having destroyed two full Boards to nothing already. And now, surprise, surprise, we have a ballot (paid for by him) with 6/7 Board members already pre-determined (convenient) by an anonymous group. Then I saw this quote on Whaleoil which I thought was funny and apt, and is therefore Quote of the Day.

“What marginally hurts my brain is that 1) everyone on the board has resigned 2) the board has determined the following seven candidates.

Always knew Colin was capable of amazing things.   Here he is in control of a party with no board that wants to appoint a board by having the board that doesn’t exist determine the candidates for when the board does exist.  I think.”

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Pic of the Day (Obama Phone Home)

When the desire to ‘look cool’ overshadows everything else (like how to hear or talk on the phone).


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81. An Open Letter to the Consv. Party Secretary. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (07 Oct 2015)

This says it all really.  If these officials, who are self-appointing themselves to a Board, and refused to work constructively with the last Board, to the point it resigned one by one in frustration, and continue to violate all our democratic and guiding principals, other members will take the action of a legal injunction against the 31 Oct so-called ‘AGM.’

Screen shot 2015-10-07 at 9.34.07 AM

Screen shot 2015-10-07 at 9.34.19 AM

Scan 1

Scan 2

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81. Craig’s Patsy Consv. Wannabe Board. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (07 Oct 2015)

This ballot has been posted and emailed to (some) party members.  It has been paid for by Colin Craig.  Many in the party are cynical; it looks like a patsy attempt –as Craig has saidBallot Paper 2015 in the past “we are electing a new board” – to railroad the old Boards off and replace them with a new one, more acquiescent to Colin’s wishes (no more difficult John Stringers, Christine Rankins, Regan Monahans or Larry Baldocks to ask pertinent questions about female staff, money, overspending and alleged fraud). And hey Presto, Colin will be re-elected as leader via sycophantic acclaim! Never had to front up to the two other Boards (all 18 people in all), answer the multiple allegations, be transparent, just ignore, intimidate, bully, refuse, cancel and …every thing is back to normal. Move along members, nothing to see here.

I say “railroad” as every member of the first Board resigned because of Colin Craig and his antics; the entire second Board, including me, also resigned because of him, and the inability to be able to work with his coterie of one-sided groupies who hijacked HQ domiciled at his business premises. They just gave up, because the officials – three of whom are now being sued by a  lawyer outside the party (whom CC is also suing) – ignored them completely. They couldn’t function. Power by stone-walling and takeover. Broke all the rules.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some fine, good, people nominated. But they are being used as pawns in a manipulative power grab behind the scenes.

So, there is an ‘AGM’ on 31 Oct. they have announced. This will be opposed by lots of members. If we cannot get the Party Secretary to see commonsense, and I’m writing to him , appealing for a compromise, we will apply for a legal injunction. That is because the AGM violates all our rules and our Constitution. But more on that later.  For now:

There are several serious problems with this ballot.

  • It is paid for by Colin Craig.
  • It is being handled, counted, mailed &received by partisan supporters of Colin Craig.
  • There are the inherent contradictions:

Screen shot 2015-10-07 at 9.09.18 AM

If they’d all resigned, how could they approve the nominees? Several ex-Board members and members noticed this too, as did Whaleoil when this was emailed out yesterday. They put it this way…

What marginally hurts my brain is that 1) everyone on the board has resigned 2) the board has determined the following seven candidates.

Always knew Colin was capable of amazing things.   Here he is in control of a party with no board that wants to appoint a board by having the board that doesn’t exist determine the candidates for when the board does exist.  I think.

Ex-Board members agree, they never agreed to a reduction to six. This was something Colin Craig wanted. So, several, including an ex-MP have asked the Party Secretary to provide this “unanimous resolution,” explain when it took place and where.  He cannot do this, and hides behind a wall of legal bs “confidentiality, blah blah blah.” Convenient.

This ballot is a stitch-up. It fails on every level, breaks our own rules, breaches the Constitution, and is contemptuous of all party members . It will be opposed for the piece of Colin Craig propaganda and manipulation it is.

NOTE:  the several attempts by ‘our side’ to seek mutual arbitration with neutral arbiters since July, has not been responded to. Kinda leads you to think that this is willful and deliberate hijacking. I hope not. More later…

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It’s The End of the Werld Again

It seems to be the end of the world quite regularly, Y2K, the Mayan Calendar, Blood Moons, Avian Flu, Swine Fly H1N1, AIDs, Ebola, etc.  But there will be an end, and Jesus Christ spoke of it. For the hundreds of millions of Christians of the world, and the billions of billions through time, the great Hope of the faith, its central premise, is always Christ’s return. Some interesting points.

• Israel was assumed contextually restored in the Scriptures predicting his return. It was an anomaly for centuries, no one understood how that could happen, but it did in 1948 following the Holocaust.

• One of the final signs of many predicting his return is the “Sign of the Son of Man appearing in the sky.”  Matthew 24:30…“Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds…”  Many have speculated what this might be. A giant cross?  A face? More likely, just himself returning in exactly the same way as he left. Interesting.

“Look up, for your Redemption draws nigh…”


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Randomnly Pak nSave

Yup, found this randomly at PaknSave yesterday. Must be school holidays.


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NZ and The Holocaust (Part 3 of 3)

Originally posted on coNZervative:

Continued. It is all very well in hindsight, but courage and conviction are always appropriate and usually stem extremism wherever it rears its ugly head.  As the old adage appropriately goes, “evil prospers when good men do nothing.”  In 1938-1945 we were tarred with that brush.  I hope it never happens again, and with a Jewish prime minister in New Zealand, may we see strong hands extended to Israel as it confronts its implacable enemy in Iran, mouthing the same threats Hitler did 70 years ago.

If you’d like to read more about the Evian conference, The National Education Network“The Holocaust Explained” website has some material. http://www.theholocaustexplained.org/ks3/responses-1933-1945/governments-respond-1939-1945/the-evian-conference/

ImageThis is a NZ book well worth reading and was reviewed by Kim Hill late last year. Professor Leonard Bell (one of the co-editors) was also interviewed by Kim; professor Bell was at one time my designated PhD supervisor in Auckland. Listen…

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80. New Fraud Allegations vs Craig sent to Police. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (06 Oct 2015)

police_generic_badge_simonwong_1200I know we’re all sick of this, but it just doesn’t stop.  Despite two Police investigations against Craig already in progress as a result of different complaints (150807/9750 and 150921/0239); several Privacy Commission investigations against Craig (Lodgement ID L-328B273 Lodgement ID L-F14CC4D Lodgement ID L-F14CC4D, among others) raised by concerned party members (and the Commission agreeing he has questions to answer under s. 3, 10. 11 of that Act); an Electoral Commission investigation; three legal suits against him with more to come; and formal Party complaints against him from Board members that languish from 2014, allegations from multiple sources continue to flood in against Colin Craig.

But I am the Bad Guy, because I raise these alleged illegal, sexual and malpractice concerns. It seems ironic, that Colin has said himself, “the truth is far better for me than a lie.”  Well Colin, let’s have a little of that shall we, it might even set you free.  And back off the intimidation and legal nonsense, simply because I have the guts to standup to you while most ran away and blow the whistle on your fouls. Abusing the ref is cowardly.

It’s a lot of “coincidence” or “scurrilous baseless allegations” for one person doncha think?

A post on Whaleoil 22 June. How right they were.

A post on Whaleoil 22 June. How right they were.

Now allegations are coming in from Centurion ex-staff and clients as well (there are some 5000. Centurion is one of Craig’s businesses). These are serious, and parallel the Electoral Act complaints already being investigated by Police.

These are not my allegations, but clients and staff of Craig’s, so I’ve passed them on to Police directly. Craig of course –as he always does– shoots and smears the messenger; says allegations against his purity are “defamatory” (because he can never do wrong, it contravenes his perception of himself). He has therefore threatened me with more law suits, when I raised some of thes e matters very generically in a private email (that he got hold of). Whaleoil warned this would happen (above) when I first spoke out on 20 June following Dobbs, Day and Rankin (they have not been attacked. Interesting that).

Sure enough, a very stern and imperious letter from Craig condescendingly telling me what to do (bully) and how to do it, and when to do it by, or he’ll use his wealth to harass me.  Bring it on Colin. I am not intimidated by you.

So, we have NEW allegations (from others, not me).  To avoid any confusion, here are the allegations from the horses’ mouths. I’ve redacted their names, as they fear Craig (the culture he builds up around himself to silence all opposition and questioning and cover up his scurrilous misdeeds, which are legion. It has affected several people’s health). I’m not the only one who says this is the case, this email from within Centurion…

  1. “You are quite correct in your descriptions […redacted 7 Oct at request of writer…]  threaten any opposition.

2. Dear Mr Stringer…

Hi John…The documents I have in my possession […redacted at request of writer 7 Oct…]  fraud…I consider this offending to be serious. It is obviously [redacted]  customers.

Cheers [redacted to protect the complainant from Craig].

From another email from inside Centurion….

3. “Hi Mr Stringer,  If you have a […redacted at request of writer 07 Oct…] bank a/c at the time.”

From a fourth person at Centurion, also in contact with clients who have documented alleged fraud and concerns as clients…

4. “Please let me know if you ever want to speak to one of Centurion’s customers to know what he is up to! I have a friend that has a paper trail of what they are doing!”

And so it goes.  I have more.  But the Police will investigate, it’s their call. Meanwhile, the Colin Craig litigation circus rolls on, and I’m stepping through elephant and pony poo.

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