Indianana Starts an Uncertain ‘Rights’ Trend (Gay, Religious Rights).

CBB7BK6UgAAFfXcWELL NOW, THIS IS MOST INTERESTING. The Indiana State Governor has passed in to law, a provision that people cannot be forced to do certain things if their religious beliefs are contravened (ie Jews can’t be forced to serve pork; muslims can’t be forced to process non-halal meat, etc). There is already massive fallout, with a corporation pulling out of Indiana along with it billions in investment.

My view is this: Isn’t this a natural corollary of insisting on “human rights” etc on the basis of, say, sexuality (a particular way of enjoying sex)? If we are going to protect ‘gay’ rights then surely it follows for “religious rights” too? It would be unfair not to, surely? I have said all along, that compartmentalising like this was a slippery slope, and here we are…

We have reaped this, because we’ve erred from broad based legal definitions (race, gender and age) as “human” categories of rights and laws, into sub-sets (sexuality, religion, etc). Law needs to be broad. The trend towards boutique rights has led us in to this quagmire. It will divide and fragment civil society into sub-tribes based on lifestyle choices (sex, faith, socio-economic groupings, what football team you support, music differences, etc).

The magic of the American Constitution, was that it recognised people for their collective humanity. Agreed, society then was somewhat more homogenous (and no one pointed out the ghastly hypocrisy of the treatment of African slaves and North American Indians) but the American Constitution – based on Judeo-Christian values – still served, in theory anyway) diverse groups of Immigrants who became “Americans.”

I do not feel this needs legislation. If work forces you to do things against your conscience, then stand down, and get a colleague to enact that service, while you abstain for sincere reasons (like being a Conscientious Objector). Better still, read the contract and job description, and don’t join that workforce or company in the first place. We don’t need a law to do this.

I am afraid that this draconian law has come in to effect because of the pushing pushing pushing of the gay political lobby to force everyone else to accept their boutique redefinitions of the world, and attempts to “mainstream” homosexuality. A double edged sword if ever I saw one, and the inevitable downside several of my gay friends were afraid of as the shrill gay political lobby pushed their sub-culture into places they did not want to go (marriage, adoption, gender-redefinitions, matrimonial property law, etc).

This law has come about, because minority groups of gay politicised advocates, have forced religious people against their conscience, and faith, to acknowledge their lifestyles, while in objection to their own. It cannot work both ways.  If you wish to force people to bake cakes for gay weddings, or take photos of lesbian marriages, when the providers object on the basis of faith, religion or conscience, then of course legislation like this in Indiana will result. They want their “rights” protected just like gay people pushing for laws based on their lifestyle choices. That’s only fair and equitable, right?

Put another way: if you are going to have special laws, or existing laws changed ON THE BASIS of how you prefer sex, and have managed to elevate that to a “status” of humanity, then surely others have the same right to define laws or change things, ON THE BASIS of their religious convictions. Isn’t that logical?

I agree that folks of conscience, within limits, should not be forced by the State to do things against their conscience or faith. But legislating those differences is going to fragment society, not pull it together. “Rights” is very much the trumpet call of our unwise modern age, but little of collective responsibility, respect, and manners towards each other. It’s all about me, me, me. Such myopically-individualised societies as ours, will become weaker and weaker within, as we fragment in to “rights” based on ever smaller definitions, while more collective cohesive societies, such as in Asia, will last us out. We’ve seen this trend in things like individuals insisting it is their “human right” to have the State pay for stomach reducing surgery, ofr sex-change operations, or other nonsense.

The focus is on self-centered consumer advantages as a basis of my “human rights” rather than inherent rights based on your collective humanity alongside others. A natural corollary also, of our obsession with consumerism and personal consumption.

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The BurnOuts at the Beeb (TopGear & Clarkson)

inconic-landscape1I really like TopGear, Jeremy Clarkson and James May (and the other good-looking one from The Monkeys). I watch it on rainy sunday afternoons, or with beer and dogs while Her WithinDoors is away and I have the man house to my rule-breaking self.

The three (plus The Stig) have a chemistry and a lad-ishness that gives me hope as a 50-something white flabby male. It’s either that, or take up Himalaya trekking and swimming. I’m not a petrol head, but once had a Jag (well, actually a Daimler Series ii , but everyone thinks it was an XJ6 and it’s made by Jag) and a 1939 Hillman Minx (which I reminded everyone was being panel-beaten into existence while Hitler was driving into Poland).

It was about the characters and the writing; May’s dry wit and Clarkson’s gorgeous turns of phrase. The three irresponsible petrol gurus take no prisoners, they are not beHOLDEN to corporate auto conglomerates who pay mega amounts to have their cars castigated and belittled. They are also passionate about driving, cars and on road awesomeness.

They’ve drawn millions like me, into a stupid car geek programme and made it thrilling, funny, entertaining, and made The Beeb millions (TopGear is their star programme). 12 seasons.

And so this debacle with Jeremy Clarkson, the tallest moai on this Easter Island, was like a very British spinster stoush unfolding on Coronation Street.  Auntie Beeb and that tart Mrs Clarkson going at each other with handbags and hair nets. The Mirror reported Clarkson had made an “expletive-laden rant at a charity event” against BBC exec.s earlier in the week, later qualified as “meant in jest.”

But May was right, it was initially a fairly small private meltdown that became way bigger than it should have which was a “tragedy.” See here.

James May has done a series of on camera reactions from the front door of his modest Council-style flat (ya gotta love those Brit celebrities and their humble ‘ostentation’).

So initially I played this as a case of Political Correctness gone mad.  Yes, there was the off camera ‘N’ bomb (which you can hear endlessly by any Black comedian and Rap artist over and over again, including in films) and the “slope” comment, which was obliquely racist but a really funny pun in the context of the sloping bridge. (Let’s be honest, EVERYONE does that behind closed doors; all human groups nick-name other groups).

But the Beeb – as May said on the clip – probably had their hands tied. It was not really about blokey Blokiness standing up to oppressive Stalinesque modernism that is hand wringing political correctness.  No, it seems Jeremy is suffering from MANopause and went too far.  As May says, “He’s a Nob.”  The Sydney Morning Herald  said he was a victim of his own behaviour. Brilliance and hubris; like that myth that all artists are manic depressives, their genius stalked by a converse.

But you have to give The BBC credit, they’ve handled this pretty well.  Sure, it got away from them, but like a honed working-class British greyhound, they hauled in that runaway fluffy bunny and mouthed it several times. Tony Hall conducted a thorough investigation, and spoke to both parties about the incident.  It was reported Clarkson had turned up at the producer’s house to make an apology,  but was cold-shouldered.

Seems to me Clarkson was a bullying oaf; a 20 minute tirade of abuse against an innocent victim based on perceived elevated celebrity status and not getting special treatment (prima donna stuff) and then some sort of ‘handbagging’ incident.  Various reports about a punch or not.  Probably just some middle-aged man shuffling.

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 2.32.57 AMReading Halls’ explanation (in full here below) you have to accept The Beebs position and actions. Clarkson is brilliant, loved by millions for his irreverence (note his Twitter count) and British cock a snoop, but was a bully and lost control.  Tony Hall initially stepped in to delay an immediate sacking. Producer Oisin Tymon (opposite) was attacked and endured a sustained superiority tirade, in a work context. Unacceptable. Bullying is bullying, and no one should have to endure that, especially at work.

“First – The BBC is a broad church. Our strength in many ways lies in that diversity. We need distinctive and different voices but they cannot come at any price. Common to all at the BBC have to be standards of decency and respect. I cannot condone what has happened on this occasion. A member of staff – who is a completely innocent party – took himself to Accident and Emergency after a physical altercation accompanied by sustained and prolonged verbal abuse of an extreme nature. For me a line has been crossed. There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by either rank, or public relations and commercial considerations.

“Second – This has obviously been difficult for everyone involved but in particular for Oisin. I want to make clear that no blame attaches to him for this incident. He has behaved with huge integrity throughout. As a senior producer at the BBC he will continue to have an important role within the organisation in the future.

“Third – Obviously none of us wanted to find ourselves in this position. This decision should in no way detract from the extraordinary contribution that Jeremy Clarkson has made to the BBC. I have always personally been a great fan of his work and Top Gear. Jeremy is a huge talent. He may be leaving the BBC but I am sure he will continue to entertain, challenge and amuse audiences for many years to come.

“The BBC must now look to renew Top Gear for 2016. This will be a big challenge and there is no point in pretending otherwise. I have asked Kim Shillinglaw [Controller of BBC Two] to look at how best we might take this forward over the coming months. I have also asked her to look at how we put out the last programmes in the current series.”

Right result.  Oisin Tymon will stay on, Clarkson has gone for unacceptable behaviour after a final written warning.

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 1.50.00 AMWhat next?  Well, channels will be falling over one another to hire Clarkson for mega gazillions. Netflix is already a rumoured suitor. A successful rival may buy-up James May, Richard Hammond lock stock and barrel and parallel a similar show, or something new. The fans will slide and wheel burn over, and it will make the new company tonnes of money. But they’ll have to pay high, as Hammond and May also have other BBC shows they are involved with.

And I suspect Hammond and May without Clarkson will not work, like The Two Ronnies without sexual innuendo. But I hope they all work together to complete a successful 2015 series, perhaps with a funny focus on Clarkson’s departure. That would have class.

I like Clarkson, we need brigands like him, irreverent, Churchillian bulwarks against namby pamby, metrosexual hand-creamy politically correct 1984-ness. They give us hope. Clarkson is a kind of Beowulf epic hero, clad in furs with a dripping metaphoric battle axe of wit, double entendres and scathing put-downs.

So, Clarkson has been bumped on a pedestrian crossing and rushed to ER, where he’ll revive, arise as an anti-Beeb phoenix albeit somewhat shattered on a fast ferrari windscreen, and get paid even more. And as admirer Tony Hall director general  of the BBC admits, “continue to entertain, challenge and amuse audiences for many years to come.”  Like a revered but slightly naughty vintage classic that leaves too much oil on your driveway.

This was a very British debacle. The issues were all traversed through the tabloids, no one got too hand-wringy, the issues got put, there was perspective, and values, and a hard call (worth several gazillion to the BBC) taken in the interests of fairness, equal treatment. We got an actual outcome (Clarkson got sacked) , the victim was reassured and cemented in his employment (as the innocent in all this, he was). Clarkson was cut adrift with respect and acknowledgement today to slew new speedways, but without covering up or failing to acknowledge his offending Nob-ishness.

We await the next lap with petrol-heady expectation.

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 1.48.22 AM

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Mysterious Vanishing Phantom Gays

THE VANISHING PHANTOM GAYS. So, why is it that the words “gay” or “homosexual” are never used in cases like this when relevant (this was a sexualised attack while two men were having sex)? But if gay people “come out” as swimmers or athletes or want to run a motorCAMP, it’s ALL OVER THE PLACE. Their sexuality then, is apparently completely relevant.

This story (below) is more evidence of the media imbalance when it comes to propagandizing homosexuality as the next best healthy thing since sliced bread. Sexuality is represented as a HUGE promotion with stated positives, but when this story (Morgan Huxley),  and other cases like it (ie the Lodge perv. filming male backpackers), that are clearly sex crimes involving gay lovers or casual homosexual partners, well, DON’T MENTION THEIR SEXUALITY!

We’re not stupid. You can’t have it both ways. Either sexuality is relevant or it’s not. Don’t pick and choose. If you want to promote celebrity or athletes’ sexuality (how is that relevant to their sport or profession?) then you should mention gay sexuality when relevant in sex crimes, too. Or are we only in to “positive stories” re gay-ness? That is propaganda! It would be like only mentioning Maori race in crime contexts and not “European-ness.”

Here’s the fuller story.  There have now been several media examples like this; the accused’s sexuality studiously avoided AT ALL COSTS but trumpeted ad nausem when it’s a ‘feed good’ promo.

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 9.24.43 AM

Here are just two more examples, from several I’ve cited on this blog.  It is definitely a recognisable pattern. All I’m asking for is consistency, or should that be “equality”?

• Is It relevant that Under-15 SeXT Loser Paul Findlay Is A Gay Candidate?

• Which Sexuality Is This?

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…and DONE!

BAM! The people spoke, 40,000 names on a petition x2, that’ll focus a TV channel.

1426475276402Right decision. I mean, look at this pretentious delusional promo photo of themselves. They are not ‘stars.’ I suggest this underlays a rather inflated sense of their own awesomeness; a sacking will re-ground them. So, a win-win here. Move along…

TV3 X-Factor Bullying Debacle (March 2015)

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TV3 X-Factor Bullying Debacle (March 2015)

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 7.23.16 AMWhat an ugly ugly thing. See the full gory details here…

urlI wonder what Charlotte Dawson would think?  Joe Irvine (right above), the Invercargill contestant victimised by this tirade, suffers from depression and is quite fragile, it was already been revealed on this show (making it doubly unjustified). For my 2c worth, I suspect this was a contrived and scripted play, which sadly makes it even worse. Irvine was lovely in his first showing, and everyone was nice to him. Another commentator said, “The dignity with which he responded was amazing. But that makes me think he was in on this, as he is rather fragile. He suffers from depression and easily tears up.” The Producers, I suspect, are trying to build Irvine in to a ‘character’ for this show, like the “Amazon Bush Baby Guy” re Simon Cowell. That said, whether scripted or spontaneous bullying, it should be dealt with. Bullying should not be public entertainment. especially with NZonAir funding. It makes us complicit.  Queue formal complaints to the BSA.

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 8.18.09 AMJeremy Clarkson (who mocks himself) has been suspended and TopGear taken off air, for swearing at a producer because there was no hot food at 10pm. Paul Henry was sacked for racist slurs. Will anything happen to these ridiculous B-grade Judges carried away with an inflated sense of their own awesomeness? (“Moon” and “Kills” as surnames? Gimme a break!). Not likely.

The right thing to do now, is for everyone to dress up like these two tosser Judges (Sevens-style), Moon and Kills,  and meme them to the max.

The rich irony here, is that Moon has only had one minor hit; and the rest of his ‘career’ is covers of Buble and Sinatra and even copies of their videos.  So, where is his “embarrassing” “creative integrity” ‘Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra’ …oops I meantime Natalie Kills, hmmm?  So, if you wear a suit and comb your hair, you’re copying “my husband and have no artistic integrity – its disgusting, I’m embarrassed to be here.” Kettles calling pots black there.

But it gets worse.  You can see NZHerald coverage of this ridiculous couples pseudo-celebrity tirades against members of the public over their “narcissistic venom” and sense of self-importance and need for pre-eminence. See here. They even had the audacity to further victimise the lady they swore at and denied it, on international Twitter. Double-Twats!

That all said, this TV3 X-Factor bullying debacle is going to be fun, because now  ‘the Great Unwashed’ (ie the Public and Reality) are going to rinse out the Moon/Kills’ contrived pseudo-celeb. fantasy. We’ll see the ‘Kiwi clobbering machine’ at its most witty. It will be a welcome re-balancing.  The Moon/Kills judges’ superiority celebrity delusions will be 4-wheel-drived into the track. Pretentious, over-inflated narcissistic twats. Let the levelling begin. And GO contestant Joe Irvine of Invercargill; you’re  the new Kiwi anti-hero. Queue the Norman Bates’ t-shirt run and Moon/Kills mockery meme levellers. They will of course wilt and leave, their egos terminally offended. natalie will ‘blame’ NZ and transfer all the guilt and blame, which will be awkward, because Moon is himself a Kiwi (sort of). We dis-own his Pompadour-copied Johnny Bravo hairstyle.

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Police Shooting of a Homeless Man (But Take a Closer Look)

At first I thought this shooting by LA police officers of a homeless man on the ground (having fought aggressively with them beforehand) was horrendous.  But if you listen carefully, and look closely, you can hear an officer, or officers, repeatedly yelling “Drop the gun, drop the gun!” [0.20] and also apprently “He’s got my gun!” as they wrestle with this very violent man objecting to police interest (often a defiant pride thing, don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t hold me accountable). This happens all the time, drug dealers or robbers pull guns from their pants.  It’s why US cops always shout “Show me your hands!” and insist on immediate compliance, because these criminals often have weapons and Police need immediate control of the situation.

The homeless man may have grabbed or pulled a weapon from one of the officers, intending to use it against one or all of the officers, as the foreground kid [actually a woman] did with the baton, trying to use it on the arresting officers who are down on the ground.

I think too, the first shot may be the homeless man, who is then fired on by the Hispanic or Black officer, the Black officer I think, or perhaps both (unfortunately his race will matter) who has his gun out the whole time.  So, we have an armed fighting homeless man, that officers wrestle with in a major fight, trying to get his gun.  It goes off, or is shot, and the officer/s draw and shoot the victim (if he has a gun, it doesn’t matter that he’s on the ground. At such close range, he could shoot an officer/s in the face).

My conclusion: acceptable homicide in the line of duty, protecting the lives of six officers in a violent fracas.  If the homeless man had stopped, surrendered his gun, or not grabbed a police weapon, and submitted to the officers, as is the law, none of this would have happened.  You can see the officers fighting for almost a minute trying to get the gun.  They do not want themselves, or their colleagues, to go home dead.  If he resists and presents a gun, well, this is what happens.  Sorry, but this is police pushed to extremes and taking appropriate action.  Note too, that they had used a tazer repeatedly to no effect.  I’m with the Police on this one.

If you don’t want commissioned men and women of all races, like you and I – who are vetted, and held accountable through a robust process– as police officers keeping law and order, then we’ll have anarchy, vigilantism and eventually feudal gags and local Big Men (probably drug lords or mafia) running the show as de facto police.


1. There is a violent fracas between two homeless men (there is a third far left) and four officers. The homeless man is throwing punches and swinging wildly. Someone starts filming. Two further officers standing off (background) come running in to help. Now Six.

2. The homeless man hits and forces back one officer. He is yelling, “Get off me, get off me!”.

3. Four are around him and take him to the ground. They are around him in a circle, trying to contain him.

4. The second homeless man/boy [actually a woman] grabs a police baton and starts attacking two officers who are down wrestling. She is taken down by two of the officers.

5. The first man is still fighting violently, and is tazered, but continues.

6. He draws his own, or grabs a police gun.  There is yelling “Drop the gun, drop the gun!” and according to a witness, ‘He’s got my gun!”

7. There is a shot [0.25] (I think the grabbed or pulled gun going off).

8. A pause. Three police shots at the man [0.27].  Pause [fourth shot]. Three officers fire.

9. Note how the police (of three races) calmly try to keep the foreground witnesses calm and back afterward.  There is no aggression or swearing. Really professional.

10. The witnesses taunt and abuse the officers and call the Black officer a “Mother F C**t,”  a “Bitch” a “Sellout” and blame him for the shooting.

11. Note their aggressive anti-police attitude, which is part of this entire problem, leading to aggressive anti-police male attitude, aggressive resistance and violence.

12. The police were responding to an armed robbery.  Police later say that one officer lost his gun. The man reached for the officers waistband.

13. Later confirmed the four shots (after the initial one) was fired from three officers. So, we have simultaneous reactions by three different officers, who all did the same thing: fire.  There is video from different angles.

14 A witness said the man grabbed one of the officer’s guns, which is when he was tazered.

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What I’m Reading (Feb 2015)

77246Not so much in to Garrison as a person, he’s way too Liberal and cynical for me, and I’m pretty cynical, but I adore his writing, and this book makes me laugh out loud.

He’s the guy who does the Praire Home Companion (Lake Wobegone) one of the best things on radio (rockin’ on forty years on air, now).  Lovin’ this book, which is written in the same droll, lyrical, insightful style. You just want to read out loud every sentence.

A big recommend.

P.S.. I have this typrewriter.

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Nimoy/Spock Tribute (Old Spock/New Spock)

As a tribute to Leonard Nimoy (Neemoy) and his one real role – Mr Spock – I repost you THIS from May 2013. RIP and Live long and prosper on Vulcan, Leonard Spock. New Spock, Zachary Quinto (Into Darkness) vs Old Spock (Star Trek). Click here to watch the video Challenge between the intergenerational inter-galactic Spocks. By-the-way, the Bilbo songs refers to a naf music video Nimoy once shot (see that here


Nimoy grew up Jewish in New York.  His Vulcan hand salut is actually just the priestly blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands, and is commonly seen in mosaics in synagogues. Kinda like the Christian doxology ‘scout hand’ symbol.


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Least We Forget (Helen Clark the War-Monger)

Helen Clark sent the SAS into Afghanistan, but if John Key sends troops to train and support our Allies against ISIS, the Left will have a hissy fit. This is because its never about the issues for the Left, but factionalism, and they are always on the ‘right’ side regardless of what they say or do.

Least we forget. 2004…

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 2.20.33 PM

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ANZAC vs ISIS. Are We Man Enough?

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 6.05.47 PMI’m no blind nationalist, war-monger (I HATE war) or patriotic flag waver, but this image from 1914 is not quite the sense of geo-political duty and unity the Left are subscribing to right now. My fellow Cantabrian Charles Upham? Who’s he?

Anzacs fought the Nazis, and the imperial god-emperor Japanese, and the Communists, to make a safer world. But ISIS is “not our fight,” because we’ve become isolationist liberal cowards secure behind a security wall maintained by others.

The Left will attend in droves sentimental Gallipoli commemorations, tears welling up in their appropriated sad-eyes, while denying the spirit of courage and duty that entailed. Go the National Cabinet! Send our soldiers and do our bit alongside our Allies to roll back this pernicious evil. Because of delaying European and American action against Hitler, extra millions and millions (mainly Russians) died to end that totalitarian and polluted murderous human ideology.  Can you imagine if Hitler in his delusions had nuclear weapons at his control? He almost did.

United we stand, divided we fall.  We must do our bit, and join free open societies and any others who will fight (62 countries so far) to destroy ISIS who butcher innocent men, women and children. NZ must defend the evolved values that make western civilisation great and the world a better place than it has been in the past.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind, that the NZ and Australian generations that went to World Wars I and II would have little hesitation leaping to stop ISIS’ barbaric crimes.  That we are equivocating demonstrates a modern weakness and cowardice that has crept in to generations since the 1940s and infected us with ease, ambivalence and amnesia about the consequences of past history unlearned.

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