57. Craig Extends Defamation Chemtrail. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (04 Aug 2015)

Colin Craig and John Stringer. CC has threatened the latter twice with legal action. No writs filed after six weeks.

Colin Craig and John Stringer. CC has threatened the latter twice with legal action. After six weeks, still no writs filed. Odd, within the context of the righteous cause being defended and the height of the high horses.

Has Colin Craig completely lost the plot?  Does he want to be bankrupted three times over?  Having been advised his very odd 12-page hagiographic conspiratorial booklet “Dirty Politics” is highly defamatory of three separate people and that he is likely to be sued for this (three times), he’s decided to mass mail it to New Zealand.  Rii-ght.

So, in a letterbox near you, you’ll possibly be receiving soon a ‘Fire Side Chat With Colin Craig’ defaming people who’ve criticised him.  I’m sure this is what democracy is all about, and that Party members and ordinary other Kiwis want this in their letterboxes.

Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 7.43.37 AMI’ve been advised this has already been mass mailed to Dunedin and Napier and Mangawhai.  Toby Manhire received one in his letterbox and it’s been direct mailed in Christchurch.

It gets curiouser and curiouser. An opening strategy for a tip at the Auckland mayoralty or a new strategy board game called hari kari?

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56. Craig Legal Deadline Not Met. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (04 Aug 2015)

Screen shot 2015-08-03 at 9.55.48 AMOn Wednesday 29th July at 2.30pm Colin Craig held a press conference and released a defamatory 12-page magazine called “Dirty Politics,” announcing he would be suing three men, including me.

WO described this booklet in ‘The Continued Defamations of Craig,” “They are provably false and I believe that Colin Craig lacks even a shred of evidence to be able to prove his allegations, making the publication and dissemination of the booklet an act of deliberate malice.”

Colin Craig said on Thursday 30th on the Paul Henry Breakfast show that within 48 hours we would receive legal papers.  See here: 46. P.Henry on Colin’s Booklet. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (30 July 2015)

I’ve been promised legal papers before, way back on 20th June.  Nothing arrived despite Colin saying repeatedly on camera that he’d sent it, and that I had not responded.  I’ve written to his lawyer about this, no response.

Cameron Slater and I have received a letter of intention to sue, I think Mr Williams too, but still no legal papers filed in the High Court. Perhaps today.  Still waiting. So much for “within 48 hours.”  It’s now six days later… tick tick tick…

The Colin Craig commitment to accuracy abates even more.

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55. Defamatory Craig Booklet Removed. Party To Be Sued? Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (04 Aug 2015)

11698525_10205787210892873_2341355325760146946_nColin Craig’s ridiculous hagiography booklet with “Mr X’s” (that many in the media think and have said, is Craig himself) and “co-ordinated campaigns” of boogey men (view whole magazine here via Newstalk ZB) has been promoted and pushed in a partisan way by the Conservative Party. Well, a handful of supporters some of whom are employees of CC. They’ve used the resources Colin still controls and won’t let anyone else have access to. As many in the know have said, the Conservative Party is his personal play thing. The evidence is here:

43. Party Now Colin’s Private Mouthpiece. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (30 July 2015)

As WO stated yesterday (and I’d point out to Colin, that quoting this does not mean I am in an “orchestrated collusion” with Cameron Slater, anymore than I am when I quote TIME magazine, or Colin Craig himself).  “They [party minions] were notified that continued hosting of the document would expose all of their office holders and the party to an action that is being contemplated against Colin Craig. The document has been removed and the press statement as well.”

So, amidst word the party itself is now about to be sued because of this collusion, the Booklet as well as a transcript of Craig’s press conference dutifully posted up on the site by one of his people, has been rapidly removed. OUCH. People are scrambling to distance themselves from Craig’s anti-Party litigation and activity.  Probably too late.

It’s also now becoming clear, that CC has also been mailing the booklet around as well, perhaps as a mass direct-mail magazine to NZ letterboxes.  Toby Manhire and others have received it unsolicited (see below).  We’re also being mailed two, on request.

WO again, “That booklet contains many defamatory allegations, none of which are true. Colin Craig repeated those defamatory allegations on all media outlets including Radio NZ, TVNZ, TV3, Radio Live and NewstalkZB.”  Could get interesting.  It is certainly repeatedly defamatory against me.

Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 7.43.37 AM

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7Best (Churchill & Bulldogs. 2/7)

Originally posted on coNZervative:

$(KGrHqZ,!iIFCj9312SGBQrS60doG!~~60_1As mentioned yesterday -(7Best (Churchill & Bulldogs. 1/7)– wartime cartoonist Sidney Strube -working off other cartoonists- may have popularised the association of Winston Churchill with the British Bulldog. During the General Strike of 1926, Stanley Baldwin was portrayed as John Bull whereas Ramsay MacDonald, the leader of the Labour Party wore a “foreign-looking striped shirt.”  John Bull, the personification of Britian, was often shown with a ‘butcher’s dog’ a bulldog. After Churchill surpassed Baldwin, Strube, and other cartoonists also depicted Churchill as a bulldog (Strube did this several times) because of the association with John Bull and his bulldog ; additionally because of Churchill’s jowls, gruff expression and tenacity. The cartoonists led the way, but the association stuck, and was actually the title of a book by Emrys Hughes which reiterated the allusion. john-bull-and-his-bulldog

Two images of John Bull with his British bulldog or 'butcher's dog.' Two images of John Bull with his British bulldog or ‘butcher’s dog.

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Thunderbirds Aren’t Go!

1438544052038It’s  great a small Wellington-based animation company employing graduates (cheaper labour) and giving them a start in the industry, has made it with two series of a remade Thunderbirds (solid in Britain, Aust and NZ) see here. But for me it hasn’t really worked.  Thunderbirds Are Go!  was iconographic BECAUSE of its puppetry and models which was its unique style (actually a genre used by the original creator who was trying to get in to real film).

But, I don’t like the new show.  It’s just a remake of something iconographic, but uses swish new animation, and I hate that new style computer-graphic animation. It lacks soul.  What is the point? It’s like Seinfeld redone with different actors, or Tintin under Jackson & Spielberg (Ugh! that Cpt Haddock). Don’t go there.

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A Black Day. RIP Cilla Black

Life is full “o’ alo’ o’ lara lara surprises for a lara lara peeple,” and today we learned British icon Cilla Black died of natural causes aged 72.  RIP Cilla. You were lovely.

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7Best (Churchill & Bulldogs. 1/7)

Originally posted on coNZervative:


Jstrube1 Sidney Strube, Winston Churchill, Daily Express (8th June, 1940). The 10 on the tag would be for “10 Downing Street.”


As followers of coNZervative know, I am interested in Churchill and like bulldogs, having had several. Winston Churchill is of course idiomatically associated with the British Bulldog, so this week, a series of posts on the nature and origin of this association.

It perhaps stems from, or at least was popularised by, I think WW II British cartoonist Sidney Strube who was a great supporter of the Conservative party and was influenced by David Lowe’s wartime cartoons (actually a New Zealander who went to my school of Christchurch Boys’ High). Strube was perhaps influenced by this earlier cartoon, depicting Churchill as a hound.

Screen shot 2014-10-25 at 5.16.12 PM$_1

Left: the 1940 Strube cartoon popularised in Nicaragua as a stamp.  

Churchill was seen as stalwart and solid, standing his ground, as bulldogs are known to do, ‘bulldogishly’ resisting the…

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Loony Liberal Logic Gervais Style (Cartoon of the Day)

Gervais has good teeth, must have a great dentist.11828728_991070090914204_7202856076440663161_n

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54. Is Colin Craig A Vexatious Litigant? Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (03 Aug 2015)

366499457_5952bc0358-1There is a phrase in the law, “vexatious litigant.”  It means someone who uses the courts to bully others, or as a tool for other ends, rather than genuinely seeking justice on merits.

Vexatious litigation is legal action which is brought, regardless of its merits, solely to harass or subdue an adversary. It may take the form of a primary frivolous lawsuit or may be the repetitive, burdensome, and unwarranted filing of meritless motions in a matter which is otherwise a meritorious cause of action.

Now, far be it from me to suggest my honourable adversary and litigant Colin Craig is one of those; I’m sure he is a very fine consumer of barristers.  But, let’s just have a look at his very recent track record over the last few months…

1. Late 2014. Sued Co-leader of The Greens Dr Russell Normal for two comments about gays and women.

Dropped as too expensive and time consuming.

2. Late 2014. Sued The Civilian against latter’s good humoured satire.

Abandoned plans.

3. Late 2014. Resolved a Human Rights Commission settlement (for the record, they hear sexual harassment cases) and sealed the result with a confidentiality agreement. A related or unrelated settlement took place with a claimant.

Broke that agreement on camera, actually by calling a special press conference to do so, and then admitted he’d broken the confidentiality. Probably now being sued for that.

4. After 19 June 2015.  Says repeatedly on various Tv programmes (Paul Henry, Chris Lynch) that he’s sent me a legal letter “from my lawyers” demanding a retraction, but that I’ve not replied.

No letter ever received (six weeks later).  Not able to clarify for TV3 what it is he wants me to retract.

5,6,7. Late July 2015. Threatens to file defamation suits in High Court “within 48 hours” from Wed. 29 July against John Stringer, Cameron Slater, Jordan Williams.

125 hours later (Sun 02 Aug, 8pm), still nothing filed, just a letter from his business lawyer.  Three strikes and you’re out? Let’s be generous and make it seven.

It’s a track record that leaves me quite vexed.  I may not get my day in court after all. We shall see. I hear Colin himself may be hauled in to court by various counter-suits. But as there are currently no actual suits in place, counter-suits, vexatious or not,  cannot be filed, and I could not possibly comment.

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53. CC to Run For AKL Mayor? Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (02 Aug 2015)


1438455991873In this clip, Colin intimates he may run for Auckland mayor. WtFreak? Does his delusional chutzpah and lack of self awareness know no bounds?  I hope he does, I might even donate to his campaign, because the public will give Colin Craig a massive reality wakeup call. Not that he’ll heed it. His inevitable defeat will be a conspiracy of “dirty politics,” me, Cameron Slater and the kidnapper of the Lindberg baby all in cahoots to “rob the people of New Zealand of an amazing leader.”

Go for it Colin.  Lemmings towards a cliff.

In this clip, Colin also waxes on how much of a victim he is, and how “politics has got all personal,” and there are “widespread allegations, and defaming.”

Well, Colin, you’re the one who:

• called THREE dedicated press conferences, two including your wife.

• went on every radio and TV show you could find to promote and discuss every detail of all this. Including flying down to Christchurch from Auckland just to do a short interview on local telly.

• The allegations are about YOU, because you caused all this, your behaviour. Take responsibility. You keep saying they are “allegations.”  People are simply reacting to WHAT YOU HAVE DONE and how you’re covering it up, because you can’t abide anything that portrays you in a negative light and work assiduously to change the narrative.

• You’ve then lied continually about the details, so people like me, in positions of official Party responsibility, were forced to speak out to try and salvage a party you have hopelessly destroyed through PERSONAL histrionics played out through the media.

• It has got personal because YOU MADE IT PERSONAL.  It’s always been about you, and when I and others tried to discuss moving past you, you were having none of it and launched a Night of the Long Knives. “I am the party.” Sackings, requesting resignations, contrived disciplinary actions, law suits.

4628fbb9dc70514d389ed9491243866f_400x400• Several of us tried for months to discuss behind closed doors, with decorum and privacy, the serious allegations (IN THE MEDIA ALREADY) about you. But you refused to turn up, cancelled meetings, declined to rebut and finally launched a raid to sweep away all the annoying official minions of the party and install some of your own, in to your own image.

• You then published a 12-page hagiography of yourself with distorted facts, stolen private emails, and defamed a series of people in front of a full blown media.

• You then revived the whole affair, by very publicly announcing a triple legal suit against three men for $1.6million in damages, who dared to critique you and hold your public claims to account. These are not the actions of a maligned victim.

Beware the Incredible

Beware the Incredible “Underminer”!

And now, you whine on about being the victim, and being ‘ganged up’ on. When will you understand that this is New Zealand in 2015. People like me, and Cameron Slater have every right to blog on our own blog sites and Facebook pages, separately from each other. You are a prominent public figure. You have today announced you want to be even more prominent (perhaps run super-Auckland). We have every right to discuss what you say, and refute when you’re not telling the truth.  That you think this is a “conspiracy” amongst people who’ve never met, and a “malicious campaign to undermine you,” when you’re the one doing all the Undermining, is indicative of the absent political judgement and acumen the Board was so worried about for so long, in a leader who insists on extreme centralised power.

Go for the mayoralty Colin! We’ll keep on commenting, because you want to be a public figure, so PUBLIC it will remain. If you went away and looked after your family, this would all go away (apart from the numerous court cases you’ve already initiated and the inevitable counter-suits coming your way).

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