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17. Consv. Members start speaking out. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (02 July 2015)

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 12.28.44 PMOther Party members have finally started to speak out. This from the Timaru Herald and from the Rangitata Party Facebook site where a campaign of abuse against me has been raging. My advice to Colin: “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but not ALL of the people ALL of the time.”  Things will out.

The Rangitata Party Facebook site is here, but is heavily censored in favour of Colin Craig.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 12.25.38 PM

Branje said she always had doubts about Craig’s “wish washy” public profile and was “a bit disappointed” when Christine Rankin joined the party.

She had since been disillusioned by Craig’s latest actions.

She wanted to see the party “regroup and come back stronger” but said “unless they come back from this with absolute transparency, and an explanation that actually holds water for those of us who did our best to get them over the five per cent [party vote threshold required for a party to enter Parliament], I won’t be voting for them again.”

The party’s Rangitata candidate and employee of Craig’s, Oliver Vitali, issued a statement on June 22 pledging his continued support for Craig. The statement suggested board member John Stringer, who was vocal about Craig’s departure, “needs to be sacked along with other dissidents”.

A comment by the party’s Rangitata electorate page on social networking site Facebook on June 30 warned Stringer “I’d watch out for lightening [sic] if I was you.”


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16. Colin’s Strange Defaming Letter. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (02 July 2015)

Colin's database Letter 27:6 (a)
Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 1.10.47 PM
The letter above was written by Colin Craig, not Angela Storr as stated, and distributed by his private PA last Saturday (27/6) four hours after he had been suspended from the Party.  That’s right, a non-member of the Party using the Party database to write to every Party member spinning his angles and defaming a Board member and the de facto Interim Chair.

The private business PA, also a past Members Manager, was acting for her Boss when she knew he had been suspended from the Party.  But of course if Colin Craig says he’s not “suspended,” or there was no “inappropriate behaviour,” or it wasn’t “sexual harassment,” and there are no more sexual harassment claims coming, then I guess that’s correct, isn’t it?  It is with some, who simply don’t want to believe their messiah figure can be so flawed. It would end a dream. They’ll soon be living a nightmare.

This letter was sent to Whaleoil by other party members (not me) concerned at its contents and tone. It was even sent to us (this copy above).  Several friends received it as well. WO published their copy earlier in the week, so it’s nothing new. See here:

It was written by Colin himself (we can prove that).  Widespread party members have expressed concern about this letter. I understand from a senior party official, that the grassroots of the Party do not like it and it has backfired on CC. That person has conveyed that to Colin and Helen Craig directly.  I’ve also had several phone calls and emails from senior members of the Party concerned at what it has been used for, and its content. As one member said on a regional Party Facebook page,

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 12.20.26 PM

I think the letter is disturbing in several ways, not the least of which the claim it comes also from CC’s wife, Helen Craig. Helen has no status in the party. So, is this dynastic?

I’ve already discussed the illegitimacy of doing it in the first place, and how it breaches members’ privacy re the use of the database. It was an act contemptuous of the Party, the members and the Board in several ways. But let’s look at the contents.

Colin and The Leadership

Last Friday in agreement with the Board Chairman, Colin stepped down as the leader.

This of course is not the complete truth.  Colin had been summoned, as had all Board members, to a special full Board meeting on Friday 19 June to answer questions about his mis-behaviour.  He panicked, when he presumed there would be a vote against him (no vote was necessarily organised; although if there’d been one, he would have lost it and been thrown out of the party, as he has been). Brian Dobbs and Laurence Day had summoned Colin the day before to a private meeting in Hamilton.  They’d been shown the written documents, poems and letters CC had written by “the source” who had specifically flown up to them. They wished to discuss what they’d seen with Colin. But Colin refused to drive down and meet with them. After viewing the evidence, Laurence Day, a very loyal supporter of Colin’s and the other principal Party donor, persuaded him to resign.

CC then organised his ridiculous “resignation” press conference.  Brian drove up from the Waikato for the Board meeting in Auckland, was diverted by CC to a hotel, had some “leadership review” contrivance thrust at him at the last minute, was completely ignorant of what was really going on, and signed a rushed note coupled together by Colin.  The bizarre press conference then went ahead at 3.30pm. Colin makes its sound like some ordered Board planned process, which it never was.  Most of the Board, if not all, didn’t even know the resignation was coming; we watched it live on TV. Colin then “cancelled” the Board meeting (which he never had the authority to do. Brian did nothing as Chair). I and another Board member excoriated Brian.  Christine Rankin resigned in disgust.

The Board

Unfortunately the Board began to fracture and there have been a few disappointing moments as some (now ex) Board Members went public with their opinions. This began a series of resignations from the Board. As at 5pm on Friday 26th June 2015, the Board was vacant with no elected members.

This is untrue.  The Board fractured, and had been toxic for several months, because of Colin Craig. He never takes responsibility or ownership.  Even now, after all the admissions and documented accusations, and the resignation of 11 of his 11-person Board, he has still not admitted to doing anything much wrong. Board members resigned because of his inappropriate behaviour and his numerous public untruths. They also knew the media had all the information, and it was starting to come out.  Whaleoil published the first of CC’s love poems at 3.15pm, 15 minutes before CC resigned. [This information has been delayed the public, due to the new legal wrangles over confidentiality]. The Board fracturing and the resignations were NEVER BECAUSE Laurence Day (1), followed by Christine Rankin (2), Brian Dobbs (3) and then myself (as the fourth Board member to speak out) “went public with their opinions.”  

It is also completely untrue that the Board was “vacant.”  Both Brian, Laurence and I were still Board members. This was a deliberate misleading of the Party members, in their thousands.

Mr Stringer

One Board member (Mr Stringer) was suspended from membership of the Party on Thursday afternoon after several serious breaches of his obligations. If you are contacted by Mr Stringer please understand that he is suspended and has no standing in any way.

I have never been suspended.  This was a complete contrivance by CC in collusion with Brian Dobbs. These matters are well documented and explained in detail here and here. The media are now digging in to these matters in some detail. In essence, Brian was the only other Board member at that stage, alongside me, and he “suspended” me without a quorum, without informing me, without tabling any evidence, without any documentation, and in breach of every and any Robert’s Rules’ process. He tried to utilise a proxy of a Board member who had already resigned, and was overseas, and use it in an unlawful way.

When defaming me to thousands of members for “several [so-called] serious breaches of his obligations” Colin simply means I “spoke to the media.” For this crime, Colin, like he did to co-founder Larry Baldock, wants me hung, drawn and quartered.  Sonny Tau having smuggled dead kereru under his jacket, still remains on his Board. Perhaps I should have done that instead. Colin appears to be pathologically unable to share the limelight with anyone.  He cannot bare anyone else speaking other than himself; he needs to control this utterly.  That is the real motive for the fake suspension. It is also why:

a) at the East Coast Bays launch, he did not allow at the last minute, the List candidates to sit on the stage in the chairs provided, despite having spent all day preparing their speeches which were never delivered.


East Coast Bays launch and the empty seats never filled. 

b) why he steadfastly resisted and delayed ALL attempts to discuss the election of a President and a Deputy Leader as demanded by our Constitution.

c) Why he delayed ANY discussion of the election campaign for five months, because he knew there were several criticisms on the Board, of his management and performance, and why he maintains even today, it was a “fantastic result.”  Yeah, right.

d) Why he delayed announcing the List candidates until only a few days before the election (and then only the other top 4) and why he delayed this for months on end beforehand despite frequent protestations and written deadlines from the Board.

e) It’s also why he uses litigation and legal confidentiality agreements to silence people.

What happens next

The officers of the Party (Membership Manager, Administration Manager, and Party Secretary) will confer and agree the best way forward.  It is likely this will involve the election of a new Board.  The Constitution requires that an election of the Board be by postal ballot.  We are currently taking further advice on this matter.

These officers have never had the Constitutional authority to do any of these things. Many of them are personally employed by Colin in his business.  He fails to disclose that to the media.  And there was also a legitimate Board in place, so this was a deliberate attempt to circumvent and undermine that proper Board in the minds of the members.

“In the press statements last Friday with Colin Craig and now ex-Chairman Brian Dobbs, it was made clear that the way forward would be decided by the members.”

So two men, one of whom had already resigned, and is about to be suspended (Craig), and another about to resign (Dobbs) arbitrarily dictate this action on behalf of the duly elected Board and the whole Party? This is the same as CC arbitrarily “canceling” the special Board meeting (19/6) duly-called by the same Chairman Dobbs.  Colin thinks he is the law, and he is still acting as “the Leader” despite resigning a week earlier and being kicked out of the Party for gross betrayals.  He is out of control and a law unto himself. It has become farcical. He acts like an Ottoman Sultan.

“If you do have questions, please feel free to raise them. I will update you again shortly so you continue to have the latest information.”

In what capacity? A self-resigned Leader and Board member and then a suspended member?  And what give CC the right, or the authority, for he and his wife, who has no official status, to hijack the Conservative Party’s database and membership list, and update anyone, or spin false one-sided narratives? 1) “There were never any concerns on the Board,” 2) “There was no inappropriate behaviour,”  3) “John was suspended,” 4) “The Board is vacant,” 5) “It was not sexual harassment,” 6) “Larry Baldock was not sacked from the Board,” 7) “Leighton Baker has not resigned from the Party,” 8) “a duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs,” blah blah blah.

Of more concern, is the active blocking of anyone with a different view, removal of their comments, banning of their spouses, so Colin can control everything on any party Facebook page or website. That is creepy. New Zealand is not China or North Korea.

And we thought ‘Helengrad‘ was bad. “One Law For All” and all that.

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Living with Mum’s Dementia (my story)

Originally posted on coNZervative:

This is my Mum, aged 75.  She has advanced alzheimers (dementia). Her memory is about 5 seconds long. She does not know who I am, who she is, where she is, yet we still have a meaningful and loving relationship. My youngest sister and I have just won Joint-Guardianship and Administration of her with the support of the WA Government and Attorney’s Office.  If you’re living with dementia, or about to confront it, read more below the photo. This is our story.


My Mum and I have always been close. We had long and intelligent conversations about life, God, the world and people. We wrote to each other a lot about literature and history. We’re both melancholic personalities which leads one to pondering life’s deep waters. But that is all changed now.  Mum is gone, and someone else is in her body.  Her personality is different.  Her memory is staccato…

View original 1,546 more words

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15. 20 Questions for Colin Craig. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (01 July 2015)

image00220 Fair Questions for Colin Craig.

1. Why did you lie to your Board for months about “inappropriate behaviour” with the Party press secretary when asked directly if it took place?

2. Why did you say on Paul Henry 20/6 that no “inappropriate behaviour” took place with Rachel MacGregor, then admit it the next day at a press conference you called?

3. [Redacted].

4. Do you categorically deny the new rumours emerging about a second sexual harassment case against you by another of your female employees?

5. Why did you not tell the truth to the media in late 2014 about Larry Baldock and Leighton Baker’s departures from the Board and Party?

6. Why did you overspend the Party budget in late 2014 by approx. $680,000 and not consult your Board about this at the time?

7. Why did you arrange a loan to yourself at 8% interest to cover this amount, and not lay this at the Board, but rather rang around your supporters by phone, and excluded those you knew would question this? Was that a “Board meeting” in your mind?

8. Why did you take the Party’s $220,000 GST rebate for yourself without reference to the Board?

9. Do you still believe that a missile hit the Pentagon and not a plane?

10. When you said publicly that John Stringer had been “suspended” by “a duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs” (NZHerald) why did you not disclose that it was simply a phone call between Brian Dobbs (who resigned the next day) and Nathaniel Heslop (who had already resigned)? 

11. If the current Board was appointed/elected in exactly the same way as the first Board, and is “illegitimate” as you claim, why was the first Board not also illegitimate?

12. Why are you allowing your supporters to manipulate and control Party websites, blocking members and removing any comments critical or questioning of you?  Is this the open democratic voice of the people you have espoused so strongly,  such as for Citizens Initiated Referendums and “One Law for All”?

13. Why is John Stringer’s wife banned from Party websites?

14. When you say no sexual harassment took place, do you also deny that a Sexual Harassment Claim was negotiated by the Human Rights Commission between you and a female complainant sometime in late 2014?

15. If there was no veracity to the Sexual Harassment Claim filed against you by a female employee, why did you make a large payout to the claimant and why was it necessary for all details to be hidden by a strict confidentiality agreement?

16. Why did you cover up and misdirect the Board as to the nature of this payout, when it took place, what it was for,  and how much was involved, if you are innocent of all claims?

17. Why did you directly access and use the Party’s private database as a party member after your membership had been suspended by the Board?

18. Why did you write a letter yourself, and have it distributed to all Party members, including the Stringers, by Angela Storr your private PA, when you had already resigned as a Leader more than a week previous, were no longer on the Board, and your membership was already suspended by the Board?

19. Do you feel the Conservative Party’s private database should be used, and members written to by you to discredit a Board member and argue issues of personal opinion over an acrimonious dispute; is that Leadership and an appropriate use of party membership?

20. Do you feel that public statements that you are setting up a new party and a new Board to counter the existing one in place,  is in anyway “prejudicial to the interests of the Party,” and justifies your suspension as a party member as you did against Larry Baldock?

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14. Colin Interfering with Websites. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (01 July 2015)

It’s strange.  The Conservative Party, even under it’s ex-Leader Colin Craig talked a lot about “democracy,” and “giving the people more of a voice with politicians,” and direct “Citizens’ Initiated Referendums.”

Why then, amidst this stand-off between Craig and the rest of the leadership of the Party, is he manipulating who can be on party websites and what they can say?

Why are people who disagree with Colin Craig or point out his admitted scandals, BANNED and BLOCKED from certain websites still owned by the Party?

Why are any comments that criticise Colin Craig deleted?  Why are their wives deleted?

What is Colin’s camp afraid of, and why do they have to control the free flow of information and opinion?

Is this North Korea?

When Colin’s scandal first emerged, my wife posted from Los Angeles a comment on the  Conservatives site, “The Emperor has no clothes” and a link to a media story.  It was deleted and she was banned.

Below is just one example of the many deletions and bans going on from Colin’s business staff at Centurion Property Services. It includes unlawful access and the use of the Party database, which CC and his people control separately from the Party.  They won’t allow a duly-elected Board member (the sole remaining) to post comments on legitimate topics or for select members to speak. They are REMOVED. My own and my wife’s facility to message and comment is REMOVED (that can only be done by an Administrator). I know, because they told me.  It’s appalling. And now the abuse has begun, calling me a “scum-bag” etc simply for “speaking to the media” and daring to counter the behaviour of someone who resigned of his own freewill for “inappropriate behaviour” with a staff member in his employ.

It’s so sad, because this culture of fear and harassment is the very antithesis of what this Party was about, believed in, and stood for.

Last night all my fair and reasonable comments on the Rangitata Party website with links to various articles so people can read and make up their own minds, were removed.  We continue to be called “scum-bags” and other invective.  It is clear, that this is being controlled and anything critical of Colin is not being allowed.  He is being worshipped as some sort of ‘moral leader’ and anyone DARING to question or critique that, is rounded on and abused.

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 9.05.54 PM

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 5.20.54 PM

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12. Resignations Timeline. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (30 June 2015)

Media graphic.

Media graphic.

Attached below is the all-important Board resignations timeline, which goes to the heart of the illegality of the fake “Stringer suspension” and the legitimacy/or otherwise, of the current Board.  The latter was elected under the same process and principals as the previous Board.  If it is “illegal” as Colin’s incorrectly states, then so was the previous Boad prior to all the resignations.


1.  19/6. 3.30pm by public press conference. Colin Craig as Leader and ex officio Board member. No notification to the Board. This resignation was accepted by Chair Brian Dobbs at the press conference 19/6 on behalf of the Board.

2.  23/6. 10.24am. Christine Rankin via email.

3.  23/6. 12.08pm. RM [redacted] via email.

4.  23/6. 1.08pm. Roy Brown via email.

5.  23/6 . 12.52pm. Melissa Perkin via email.

6.  23/6. 1.34pm. Andrew Craig via email.

7.  23/6. 2.07pm Nathaniel Heslop via email. Stays on as Party Secretary.

8.  23/6. 8.04pm. Paul Young via email. Tabled intent some months previously.

     [25/6 Thurs.  Phone call BD > NH to “suspend” JS]. 

9.   26/6. 5.32pm. Brian Dobbs (Chair) via email.

10.  23/6 or 25/6?  Laurence Day. From overseas.  Day/time unclear as Brian never notified me LD had resigned; or NH received it Tues but did not process it till 25/6.

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11. Christine Rankin. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (30 June 2015)

Christine Rankin and Kim MacIntyre are good friends, I like them very much.  Christine was CEO of the Conservative Party and she and I really believed in Colin. At first.  But we both became disillusioned with his chaotic and autocratic style, lack of consultation, his manipulation and micro-managing of everything, and then felt sick and betrayed, when the public revelations of his admitted, “inappropriate behaviour” with a female staffer emerged.  We’d had concerns for several months of course, as had most of us inside the Party.  But we had no hard evidence, although Colin was talked to.  Then the several media got hold of it all (“folders full of the stuff”) from multiple sources, and the roller coaster started to roll.

I have still not seen the evidence directly [and had no hand in leaking it: the new Board knows who the leaker is]. I’ve had some of Colin’s SXTs (sexual texts) read to me directly by the source over the phone, and several Board members have been shown in person by the source (whom I’ve never met) various materials written by Colin in hardcopy. Christine has also seen it. But that’s another story. In this post, I want to link to a NZHerald story this morning “12 Questions: Christine Rankin.”

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 8.59.02 AM

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 8.59.17 AM

Read more here…

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13. Craig’s Fake Stringer “Suspension.” Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (30 June 2015)

Media graphic.

Media graphic.

Earlier in the week Colin Craig maintained that I had been “suspended” from the Conservative Party Board. That would conveniently make the current Board, in his view, “illegitimate” (like most of Colin’s actions before and after his “resignation” on 19 June).  This falsehood plays to his inconsistent and selective narrative. I said in the post below, that Colin’s claims were false. I still have no notification of any “suspension” and other Board members don’t know about it either.

Since then the Board has investigated this matter, and we have the facts from the people directly involved.

What Colin called “a duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs” was in fact just a phone call by Brian Dobbs (then Chair) to Nathaniel Heslop who had already resigned from the Board.  In other words a ‘Board’ of one, “suspending” another Board member by phone to someone who was not a Board member. No quorum, no “meeting,” just Brian’s opinion over the phone.

What is most disturbing, is that Colin spun this knowingly as “a duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs.” That narrative suited him and is dishonest. He said this both to the press and in a letter he sent to every Party member (including my wife and I) using the Party’s database, which he has no right to do (how’s that for “illegitimate“?). This has widely defamed me and created doubt in the minds of members who Colin also told I was sacked for “serious misconduct.”  All I did was speak to the media Friday night 19/6 because Brian refused to. Board silence and inaction over that week led directly to Christine Rankin’s resignation, which set the dominoes falling.

Here are the facts following a Board investigation. They are important, as Colin Craig is using this falsehood (that I was ‘suspended”) to discredit the current Board, and claim it is “illegitimate” so he can “elect” his own “Colin Board” which of course would have absolutely no legitimacy itself.

THE FACTS (fake Stringer “Suspension”).

1. On Thursday 25th June, Brian Dobbs (Chair) and Nathaniel Heslop (Party Sec.) spoke by phone.  Nathaniel was NOT at the time a Board member as he had resigned.

2. Brian Dobbs cited Nathaniel’s proxy held on behalf of Laurence Day (who is overseas). A proxy cannot be used to establish a quorum, especially if “cast” by a non-Board member who had already resigned.

3. John Stringer was not informed of this “duly constituted meeting of the Board headed by then-board chairman” as a duly elected Board member and was kept completely in the dark violating all process and rendering the ‘discussion’ unofficial.

4. There was never any quorum. There was only Brian chatting to Nathaniel who was not a Board member, with John Stringer actively excluded as a proper Board member.  Proxies cannot be used to establish quorums.

5. There is further doubt, in that Laurence Day apparently resigned on Tuesday 25/6 but Nathaniel did not process Mr Day’s resignation until Thursday (either before, or shortly after, the supposed “suspension” discussion by phone between Brian and Nathaniel). There is still some confusion over this exact timeline, which we are seeking documentation over.

Either way, it means the “proxy” held by non-Board member Nathaniel was thrice invalid, in that: a) Laurence was no longer a Board member either; b) proxies cannot be used to establish a quorum; c) or be “cast” by non-Board members to “suspend” a duly elected Board member deliberately excluded from the “meeting.”

Even if Laurence Day was still on the Board, Nathaniel still cannot “cast” his proxy, as Nathaniel was not himself a Board member. He could not attend the “Board meeting” even as Party Sec. There was therefore NO “duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs,” as Colin claims, just Brian on the phone to Nathaniel.

6. As if that is not enough of a contrivance by CC, earlier he had illegally cancelled a duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs (19/6, 7pm) at his ‘resignation’ press conference on 19/6 at 3.30pm when Board members had already gathered for the 7pm meeting in Auckland, one all the way from Christchurch.

7. It is also unclear if Laurence knew his “proxy” was even being used in this way, as he txted John Stringer (Saturday 27/6, 7.07am) wishing the new Board well and John as a “former pastor” in the role as “Interim Chair.” This would seem inconsistent with the purposes of Brian/Nathaniel suspending John utilising Laurence’s illegally used proxy.

8. Brian and Nathaniel (perhaps at CC’s insistence) “suspended” John. There is no documentation of this and John has never been informed of this motion, wasn’t patched into the phone conversation on Thursday 25/6. As a Board member I should have had the right to debate otherwise and oppose the motion or at least attend. No counter arguments were heard and no evidence was tabled.

9. Brian then resigned leaving John Stringer as sole Board member and de facto Acting Chair. He did not inform John of his resignation or of Laurence Day’s resignation two-three days earlier.

10. Moreover, Nathaniel as Party Secretary has still not filed with Brian Dobbs any documentation re any so-called “suspension.” This means that no advice can go to me – and is why I still remain uninformed – because Brian is no longer even a party member, having resigned from everything on Friday 26/6. This alone renders any “suspension” mute as the process of such an act was not completed anyway.

THERE WAS and IS NO SUSPENSION! CC’s action to advise all party members on Saturday (27/6) by letter (illegally accessing our database to do so) is contemptible and possibly defamatory as well as most likely being in breach of the Privacy Act and Electoral Act.

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10. Craig’s Secret Memo. Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (29 June 2015)

Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 9.49.02 AM

A secret memo written by CC shortly after his 19/6 3.30pm 'resignation' press confernece lecture.

A secret memo written by CC shortly after his 19/6,  3.30pm ‘resignation’ press conference lecture.

Colin Craig likes secrets, secret meetings and secret memos. He’s also “creative” with untruths and omissions (a demonstrable fact, click this link]. He has been described as “manipulative” and “un-christian” by the professional press secretary and ex-TV producer with whom he is now legally embroiled (and whom he paid handsomely after binding with a confidentiality agreement to keep things secret), someone who has perhaps worked with him more closely than any other person in recent years.

Above is a secret memo Colin wrote to select Board members, or just Brian Dobbs (who he calls “Brain” in the memo, and thus this is known as the “Brain Memo”). It was written very shortly after CC’s bizarre first press conference (19/6), the ‘resignation’ press conf. described by media present as one of the most bizarre they had ever attended.

This document reveals CC’s attitudes and “values,” and exposes how he works: manipulatively, dictatorially, and dishonestly.

The initials refer to Board members names. Points to note:

1. This secret memo outlines an agreement that made his “resignation” moments earlier highly conditional, ie based on certain things happening, at his direction and under his control, which he wanted guaranteed.  It was hammered out BEFORE he “resigned” and was written up by CC afterward.

2. It should be noted that CC only ever said he “had offered to step down” and then went on to chat about some nebulous “review of leadership” that no one knew anything about except Brian Dobbs, who was told only moments earlier.  In my mind, I suspect CC felt he had NOT resigned. But all the media interpreted it that way (how could you not?) and eventually he was also forced to actually use the word “resignation” himself days later.  He has had to change tack now, and try and recover the “leadership.”  Why then did he resign? His admissions and “inappropriate behaviour” are still a reality. By admitting things, does that wipe the slate clean and he can be leader again?  The answer is, that CC never really intended to “resign” at all, but participate in a choreographed fake “review” that would reinstate him with renewed authority.

3. He dictates a series of secret meetings.

4. They must include hand-picked people (only three, plus Brian) whom CC dictates and whom he knows support him.

5. CC dictates that others, on the Board, his critics, must be deliberately kept in the dark and not informed in any way of this process.  This is a selective Stalin-esque “patsy trial” stacked completely in favour of CC and contrived to deliver the outcome he has pre-determined. He even organises it, a bit like the loan to himself, that he voted to himself .

6. He caveats the conditions allowing himself the right NOT to say anything to incriminate himself, ie anything related to his “inappropriate behaviour” covered by the confidentiality agreement with his ex employee. Convenient or what? Some review, huh.

7. He dictates the the flow of all media statements will be controlled (by him) as it always has been.  Others – like me recently, after 18 months of silence – are punished for daring to speak out alongside Dear Leader.

8. It contrives a “mutual conclusion” which is code for an outcome he wants and is crafted by his supporters using the convenient exclusion of any critics or questioners on the Board (Stringer, Rankin et al).  Ex-MP and co-founder Larry Baldock had already been witch-hunted out by Craig late in 2014.

9. He brings forward historic formal complaints against him by Larry B. – still not addressed – in the hope that in the context of this Kremlin coterie, ALL complaints against him can be conveniently forever dismissed and resolved in this cozy wee CC-compliant cover-up. A kind of ‘bulk deal’ amnesty.

10. CC accidentally sent this document to me. As it is clearly not an official Board document – it actively by design secretly excludes many on the Board – I have not breached any Board protocols in publishing it here.

11. The corollary of this contrivance, the “Brain Memo,” is that one secret meeting took place, at Centurion (Colin’s business premises) on Sunday 21st, and apparently involving Board members Melissa Perkin, Nathaniel Heslop and perhaps also Roy Brown.  It is not clear if Brian was present.

At this meeting they finally found some spine, and confronted CC with the public allegations, probably from notes supplied by Brian from his reading and citing – along with Laurence Day – of the documentary evidence against CC (his out-of-marriage love letters and poems) which were flown up specially from Wellington and observed, and then taken away.

The secret-meeting-sunday-Board members asked CC to rebut the allegations. He did not. They gave him an ultimatum and a deadline.  He ignored them.  This resulted in Melissa Perkin’s resignation and probably also Nathaniel Heslop’s and Roy Browns.  Up to this point, all three were supporters of CC and some, long-time friends.

That was the end of any further secret Board meetings contrived and organised by CC.

And so, you can observe first hand, what we’ve been putting up with for 18 months, and what I am now being forced to wade through trying to resolve this quagmire, as sole remaining Board member and interim acting chair of the Conservative Party [refreshed Board installed 27/7 at 11am-3pm).

Interpret this as you will.  It is merely one example.

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