The Queen Mocks the Obamas

I am quite surprised by this video.

HRH Prince Harry is a patron of the Invictus Games and enlisted the support of his Grandmother Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (the oldest reigning British monarch) and the Obamas to promote the May 2016 Invictus Games wich are in the USA this year.

I get this re the Obamas who are really just passing Liberal celebrities and act like it; but Her Majesty?  I guess she did it for Harry.  It gently mocks the Obama’s accepting the British challenge and their “boom” hand gesture as ‘Naf ‘ (cheeky Harry). Love it; but the Queen?  Below her station surely. It’s fun and was shot at Windsor Castle. “The Queen is unimpressed by the Obamas’ bravado CREDIT: ROYAL HOUSEHOLD.”

I’m not really for subjecting the monarch to the oi polloi hurly burly of online social media and memes etc. It comes back to bite One in the Royal Bottom. There is something dignified about the monarch (well above them as a person ie “the Crown”). I’m not especially a Royalist. I just support constitutional monarchy as workable and stabilising and therefore something to be protected; bowed to voluntarily and respected. It’s a mutual beneficial contract (the Queen gives up her life to serve as a royal personification; and ‘her people’ serve her: it works).

Monarchs are the personification of something that holds a civilisation together. That should be separate; non-commenting; away from personality-driven politics which can be double-edged sword. (Her Majesty has been served by twelve prime ministers in her reign so far; and seen off twelve US presidents).

As Queen Victoria said in her diary having not deigned to answer a cheeky letter from (later pariah) Oscar Wilde


Details about the Invictus Games here:

The inaugural Invictus Games in London 2014 used the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women. The Invictus Games Foundation has been set up to develop this legacy, manage the process of selecting the hosts of future games and oversee their delivery. The next Invictus Games will take place in Orlando, 8th-12th May 2016 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

“These Games have shone a spotlight on the ‘unconquerable’ character of servicemen and women, their families and the ‘invictus’ spirit.” ~ Prince Harry.


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Interesting Poll out of Indiana

160329230627-cruz-trump-kasich-t1-image-full-169“Is the tide turning in Indiana? It’s a possibility. 

“A new poll out of Indiana shows Cruz in a double digit lead over  Donald Trump.

The Texas senator leads the real estate mogul 45 percent to 29 percent among registered voters, according to a poll by the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich trails in third place, with 13 percent, and 13 percent are undecided.

“That’s certainly worth noting. Previous polls show Cruz within striking distance of Trump in the Hoosier state, but none have had Cruz leading, especially by this much.

“This is good news for Cruz, but the volatility of the electorate means all campaigns should view these results cautiously,” pollster Andrew Downs said in a statement.

“Is it the endorsement from Mike Pence? Teaming up with Carly Fiorina? Unofficially telling Kasich to scram? Who knows.

“Could this poll be an outlier? Sure. Could it signify a new trend? Absolutely. We’ll know soon enough.”

Personally I think the polls are all over the place and I predict a Trump win in Indiana. Even if Cruz pulls off another Wisconsin; it’s just a delay to Trump winning; not a reversal; not even a stemming; this tide is well and truly in and washing Cruz and Kasich out.  Why would a sudden unexpected surge to Cruz happen now  if the support has been mediocre up till now?

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Rainbow Punk OWNED by Old Dude



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7Best FireBoxes (Part 2) (7/7)

Science Fiction industrial Alien-esque type firebox:

FINAL (Next week 7Best novelty BBQs)Industrial-Fire-Pit.png

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Meanwhile in Christchurch


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The Trump Protests

0,,19112592_401,00.jpgLeftists are trying to corrupt the democratic process by badgering and harassing and using violence to disrupt Trump rallies and make him a pariah amongst independent voters and perhaps less than desirable amongst Republican delegates (ie amongst cowards influenced by bullies). It’s opposition by Fallout.

One random man punched a guy at a Trump rally and Trump was rounded on by the Left press as a violence-monger.

Now we have organised Leftist rallies outside Trump events with police cars trashed and highways blocked and blood and Mexican flags waved. The same anti-Key bile we saw from the prostituted “Internet Party” paid for by an immigrant under legal accusations. But the Trump protests will be according to the Left press “freedom of speech” and the “voice of righteousness.” Groan.  Inside the Trump rally an emotional opener with Trump giving the stage  to the families of family murdered by illegal emigrants to America.

And thus the stark contrast is cast. INSIDE: I heard and felt as genuine Trump’s commitment to family and those who have suffered.  I didn’t like Trump at first; but I have always admired the kids he raised and the quality of family amongst his extended family despite that messy divorce. That is an irrefutable tribute to him. OUTSIDE: organised anti-thugs railing against words and opinions they disagree with and their revolution to shut down and make unacceptable anyone with whom they disagree.

Thus Alex Stringer’s song here resonates; he is correct!

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Clinton’s Woman Card

FqE9kiKlTrump accused Hillary Clinton of playing the woman card to which she brilliantly riposted at her victory rally in Pennsylvania…

“Well, if fighting for women’s healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then Deal. Me. In,” 

Now her campaign is fundraising off this remark, selling pink plastic cards that look like credit cards with a woman on them.

This is stupid as it’s over reach.  All Trump has to do is launch an “America Card” and this looks like a factional tacky narrow-minded gimmick exploiting women and assuming their support which she does not have on the polls. Her card will be memed and mocked in the media…stand by.

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Can Trump get to 1237?


I think he can and will.  He’s now on a roll and looks like a winner; while Kasich and Cruz look like also-rans and seem slightly embittered. Cruz’s presumptuous announcement of a VP looks desperate and Indiana will decide.  Republicans are now in a position with a clear leader and their votes really count towards whether or not a contested Convention happens or not.  Even if Trump falls just short (he’s in the late 900s on the delegate count) then  it still creates problems if the Convention tries to take it away So why would they equivocate and divide the field?

Nup; the delegates out West still to vote are likely to back Trump.

Cruz and Kasich just aren’t worth that much; so Trump will win fairly with 1237; its not even a balanced contest; in some match-ups Trump trumps the Kasich/Cruz vote combined.

In the end the Republican delegates will vote for stability; for a clear winner; and to avoid machinations that can only hurt the Republicans as a whole.

CA and Washington State and Oregon I predict (as well as Indiana) will roll Trump’s way. Look at his incredible results in the NW states? Every electoral district in every county in some states; and a good spread across wide demographics;  this nonsense about the women’s vote; he exceeded 60% in one state!

I thought his Foreign Policy speech was – while lean on content for wonk like me – perfectly pitched to average American voters who – in the end – are the ones who really count if you want to be Prez.

Trump’s appeal is broad; he is a candidate who will GROW the Republican vote and I think the Establishment are starting to see and feel that; and he’ll make mince meat of Clinton. She’s old school traditional campaigning; Washington establishment. Trump is fresh brash new and unpredictable and he is speaking a simple new ‘average person’ politics that voters can grasp.

And grasp it they will; while the tired old traditional Clinton coat-tailing Hillary will be left in Trump’s new-broom dish-it-to-Washington dust!

I did not support Trump at first; thought he was a joke. But I thought his recent Foreign Policy speech was – while lean on content for wonks like me – perfectly pitched to average American voters who – in the end – are the ones who really count if you want to be Prez.

This is now serious and I’m impressed by Trump under pressure; impressed that he learns and adjusts;  and impressed at his gut understanding for politics outside the beltway; he has pitched himself perfectly on a variety of issues and turned negatives in to positives.  That is consummate stuff and cannot be ignored.

This is a phenomenon; and a fresh wind in American politics.

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Song: The Regressive Left (Alex Stringer)

Awesome: a great original song by Alex Stringer: Social Justice Warrior wid some lyrical razorblades and Alex takes on a feminist nazi political paraplegic

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7Best FireBoxes (Part 2) (6/7)

Darth plus an Imperial Storm Trooper


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